Lumiere Cosmetics: Mineral Blush Swatches

Lumiere Cosmetics was one of the first few mineral makeup companies that I sampled and subsequently bought full sizes of foundation and finishing powder from. When I was around an NC 35, the Golden Medium shade was a perfect match for me. Now that I’ve gotten fairer and stopped tanning, I’ve not actually bothered to mix my own shade from Lumiere.

Which is why I’ve not gotten the chance to grow my Lumiere Cosmetics collection. While I really liked their finely milled foundation (Luminesse and Veena Velvet formulas) and finishing silk powder in Sand (good alternative to Everyday Minerals’ Silk Finishing Powder which was d/c a long time ago), the price points and rather infrequent sales/ lack of free shipping failed to attract me beyond the initial few purchases.

I was rummaging through my sample storage and found Lumiere mineral blushers and face-and-body enhancers which never saw much loving. So here’s a post dedicated to these blushers in sad lil’ jars which the original sample baggies were decanted into.

(All photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Photo taken indoors with natural light

The blushers and bronzers retail at USD$12 for a large 4g jar (weight), 1/4 tsp sample bags at USD$1. Face & Body Enhancers (can be used as highlighting powders, finishing powder for sheen or however you like it) retail at USD$18 for an XX Large 12g jar, USD$12 for a 20 ml Large jar and USD$1 for 1/4 tsp in a sample baggie.

Pretty everyday colours

L – R:

Wild Rose  – A subtle blend of burnished peach with a slight rose tone

 Terra Cotta– Medium bodied nude peach

Fresh Roses – Soft & silky sweet pink rose

Ditto “O” – Nars Orgasm Clone. This is a beautiful blend of peach and pink with a light golden shimmer.

The first three shades are matte but not flat. I like Wild Rose and Lumiere’s interpretation of Nars Orgasm – Ditto “O”. Ditto “O” is the only one with shimmer but it’s so fine, it’s more of a lovely satin sheen. Terra Cotta seems to pull slightly brown on my skin and Fresh Roses is probably somewhat too dark and slightly plum for me.

F&B enhancers and a bronzer

L – R:

Innocence (Face & Body Enhancer) – Innocence is an antique white with a pinky/brown undertone that has a low sheen with subtle diamond flecks.

Sundew (Face & Body Enhancer) – Softly muted candlelight glow

Ambrosia Bronzer – Slightly toasted amber brown – soft creamy texture

Lumiere’s descriptions are pretty true to what their actual products swatch, with Innocence having subtle diamond flecks and Sundew a soft muted glow indeed. I’ve just made a mental note to use Ambrosia bronzer as a contour shade. It might suit my skintone pretty well if used with a very light hand.

On balance, my small sampler of Lumiere’s blushers, bronzer and f&b enhancers bring to mind the texture of their foundations – very fine and slightly on the creamy side. I’m impressed, but just not at the price point. Like many markets, the mineral/indie cosmetics scene has expanded so rapidly over the past couple of years, Lumiere probably needs a proper rejuvenation of its online presence. The website is passable at best but slightly cumbersome to navigate. Email marketing blasts are rare and there’s not much talk about Lumiere at all in the forums that I hang out at. Which is a pity as I really do like their formulas. While they have ventured into the B&B scene, I’ve not tried those offerings and won’t be able to comment. But I do think Etsy sellers offer a better pricepoint for B&B items than online websites in general, so neh, won’t be testing out those from Lumiere’s anytime soon.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~

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3 Responses to Lumiere Cosmetics: Mineral Blush Swatches

  1. Chelle says:

    Very helpful. I was looking for a swatch between innocence and sundew! I have sundew and I like the subtle highlight, but I was curious about innocence. It’s too pink for my undertone, so I’ll stick with sundew. I really like their cashmere foundation and bought it on their rare sale. 🙂 I wish they had more sales too! I still think it’s worth the original price though.

    • They do have good stuff 🙂 I’m ok with the original price since prices are higher here in Singapore, just that I have way too much mineral makeup at the moment to appreciate paying full price for anything!

    • 🙂 If they were my only foundations I’d pay full price + shipping, but I have too many brands to rotate around to justify paying normal prices. Glad that the swatches helped!

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