Lucy Minerals Blushers: Matte Apricot, Matte Sedona, Sea Coral, Sienna Glow

These are 4 lovely blush samples that I have from Lucy Minerals.

Samples are very generous at about 1/4 tsp for USD$1.50 each. Full sizes are USD$10 for 3g.

Ingredients~ Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxides .

(All photos can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)

Mineral blushes

Even though I have a measly 4 samples out of the 11 blushes that Lucy Minerals currently has for sale, I really like how different the finish is between matte, shimmer and glow.

Sienna Glow – A neutral shade for deeper skin tones. Has just a touch of shimmer.

Sea Coral – A shimmery coral shade. Very sheer.

Matte Sedona – A rosy matte shade for those that don’t like shimmer

Matte Apricot – A soft apricot shade with no shimmer.

These 4 shades are all very wearable, with Sea Coral having the most shimmer. They’re pretty pigmented and you will appreciate a duo fibre brush to be used with these.

My favourite is Sienna Glow 🙂 For the finish rather than the shade. I hope Lucy Minerals releases more blushers in the “glow” formula, preferably on the lighter side. They do last at least 4 – 6 hours on my normal-oily combination skin, pretty standard wear time.

~*Items reviewed in this entry were purchased as samples by me or included as gifts*~


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