Etsy/ Heartsy Deal Spotlight 18 June 2011

Oh yes! Today’s Heartsy spotlight is on another B&B Etsy shop (my fave Heartsy type of purchase – if you haven’t figured it out by now :P)

You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D

Take a Clean Break with Cleanbreak’s Heartsy deal! USD$15 for a USD$31 value (VIPs get USD$41).

(All photos taken off seller’s etsy listings)

Aromatherapy Play Dough?

It’s been many years (ok, decades) since I’ve really lusted after Play Dough. These foreign toys were so expensive back when I was a kid. These aromatherapy infused Play Dough (available in different scents like Ylang Ylang, Cucumber Melon, Tutti Fruity, Creamsicle, Lavender Vanilla etc.) retail at just USD$5 for 8 oz of funtime goodness! Available here.

With Dark Chocolate Shavings!


Anything that has chocolate or smells like chocolate, I’m sold (and diet be d@mned!). This Black Tie Chocolate Raspberry Whipped Body Butter with DARK CHOCOLATE is just USD$6 in a 2 oz jar. Available here.

Mmm Honey Tangerine (no, it isn't a drink)

I’m into this Korean Citron drink, mixed with soda water. It has honey in it too. I’m guessing this Honey Tangerine Salt & Sugar scrub might have a similar scent. Ok, I’m such a foodie for my B&B!

Retails at USD$6 for a 4 oz jar here.

I’ve already grabbed my voucher 🙂 Have you?


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