LOTD & Swatches: Silk Naturals Sugar and Icing Lip Glosses

Here’re two colours that are probably the palest/lightest lipglosses I’ve ever purchased and loving them 🙂

Both are from Silk Naturals.

Icing was a GWP during Christmas 2010, released in a 3.5ml doe foot applicator tube.

My Xmas 2010 Silk Naturals Haul

That’s Icing you see next to the Lavender Toner. It was later released into the main line after repeated requests by Silk Naturals fans 🙂 and is described as a frosty light pink

 ‘Icing was a GWP color that we just had to release.  It’s a light pink with purple shimmer, and makes a great topper.”

Sugar – a solid Kisser Slicker Lipgloss was released a few months after Icing and I picked that up too, thinking it’d be a solid version of Icing.

It’s described as:

Sugar is a very light pink with just a hint of tan.  It’s very sheer, and leaves a really pretty shimmery sugar coating on your lips.

Picture is taken as it appears in the tube, please look at the swatch for a bit better idea of how it will look on you.

Certified Organic Castor, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, Beeswax, Candillia Wax, Carnauba Wax, mica, flavor. Also contains Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide.

Gluten free

Sugar & Icing

Sugar retails at USD$4.50 in a slimline tube. Icing is USD$4.75 in a 4.5ml doe foot applicator tube, being a liquid gloss.

Sugar & Icing

I’ll be brave to admit that I was very wrong in my assumption about them being similar shades 🙂

Taken indoors, natural light

There is more colour to Sugar (which I imagine is the “tan”) and more glitter goodness and coolness to Icing. Both swatches were swatched heavily for the colour to show up better, as they’re both not pigmented colours.


Sugar actually manages to take down my natural lip colour by a notch, making it slightly duller or more “neutral” rather than the warm shade it is.


Whereas Icing actually lightens my lip colour and there’s lots of fine minute glitter goodness. Nothing also quite beats/gives that gorgeous glossy shine like a liquid gloss does.

Taken Indoors, Natural Light.

As both are very light shades, they don’t quite last as long as many more pigmented Silk Naturals lip goodies do. Still, fun to play with and Icing is indeed a great topper. When I think of glace, I think of Icing.

~*Items reviewed in this entry were purchased by me or was a GWP*~


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