Sale Alert: The Morbid The Merrier Etsy Sale & What I Bought =)

The Morbid The Merrier’s (TMTM) one of the Indie perfume Etsy stores that I’ve been meaning to try for a long time. The “long” wait was shortened by my Pavlovian response to?


It’s a, to quote TMTM, a “Huge Huge Sale!”

*****HUGE HUGE “Help Lysa buy a Hearse” sale. Details below:*****

Buy one regular size perfume, get 3 Odditoria postcards and 3 free samples

Buy two regular size perfumes, get 1 full size perfume free, PLUS 3 free samples

Buy three regular size perfumes, get 1 free PLUS 5 free samples PLUS 3 Odditoria postcards

Buy four regular size perfumes, get 2 full size perfumes free PLUS 5 samples PLUS 5 Odditoria postcards

Buy three lip balms or solid perfumes, get one free PLUS 3 free perfume samples

Buy 4 lip balms or solid perfumes, get two free PLUS 3 free perfume samples


Use code FREESHIP at checkout for free shipping


Use code HEARSE at checkout for 20% your entire order.

Sorry, but if you do the BOGO offers (which can be combined), you won’t be able to do the promo coupons. That would be madness! 🙂

I was mighty tempted and had over USD$100+ worth of scents and lipbalms in my cart. Until sanity and prudence ruled 😛

My much whittled down cart at checkout had just the following conservative few 😀

Maximo Dark Chocolate Perfume Oil Solid USD$4.50
Natali Chocolate Orange Perfume Oil Solid USD$4.50
Cleo Perfume Oil USD$12
Set of 3 perfume samples USD$7

International Shipping came up to a very reasonable USD$3.60. I opted for the 20% off, paying a total of USD$26.

Reviews to come when the perfumes do 🙂


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