NYX The Carribean Collection: I Dream of Barbados


Now that summer’s here, it’s time to introduce another Carribean-themed item, other than Johnny Depp, that is 😛

The Nyx 5 Color Shadow The Carribean Collection in I Dream of Barbados was my first encounter with Nyx eyeshadows, which I bought off Cherry Culture (www.cherryculture.com).

(Apropos: I used to pronounce “Barbados” as “bah-bar-dos”, until a worldly, well-travelled Thai friend corrected me ;))

RRP USD$8.75 on Cherry Culture, currently marked down to USD$6.75. A pretty fair price for 5 decent sized pans and a mirror palette.

I Dream of Barbados

The 12 month use by date after opening seems pretty short to me. It’s definitely not something I’m capable of keeping to…

Inbuilt mirror makes it handy for touchups

It contains 5 decent sized eyeshadow pans and 2 dual-ended sponge tip applicators (not featured as they’re in the wash).

The texture of each eyeshadow is pretty decent and rather smooth, somewhat buttery too. Though not as soft as the Nyx Single Eyeshadows. Though not the most pigmented of eyeshadows, they’re decent enough.

The 1st, 4th and 5th pans from viewer’s left are with a slight satin/shimmer finish. The 2nd and 3rd shades are matte.

My favourite shade - a taupe!

This is my favourite shade out of the 5 pans and one that’ll see the most usage 😉 A good taupe for everyday wear.

Pink and Black

The black here is probably an eyeliner shade, but it doesn’t swatch pigmented at all. Might be best used foiled or even over a decent eyeshadow primer. Both the black and pink here are matte, which leads me to guess that the pink was probably intended as a highlighter shade.

The silver and purple here would be awesome for night makeup as they’re easily the most pigmented eyeshadows among the 5.

Swatched on bare skin. No primer used

To me, the more pigmented shades would be the taupe, purple and silver. The black and pink are disappointing if you were hoping to use them dry.

These are really easy colours to use and I really like the taupe as it’s light enough for me 😛 The black + silver + taupe or the black + pink + purple combinations can be easily used for subtle smokey eye looks.

Rating out of 10
Price: 8.5
Quality: 6.75
Packaging: 9
Ease of usage: 8.5
Overall score: 8.2
All in all, it’s a pretty fair palette and the price certainly is attractive. 
~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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