Heartsy/Etsy Purchase Review: Life.Soap.Simple

This was the Friday package awaiting me when I got home last week 🙂 A USD$10 Heartsy deal from Life.Soap.Simple, which got me USD$35 in store credit (VIP member. Non-VIP members get USD$25). My total purchase came up to USD$36, so I only paid USD$11 in all.

My order was made and paid on 30 May and arrived here on 10 June. Impressive turnaround and shipping time!

International shipping quoted to me was USD$13 and the actual postage came up to USD$12.64. More than fair, if you factor in handling and cost of bubblepac.

The package arrived slightly torn after its international journey. Once again, I strongly advocate changing these paper bubblepacs to one with a plastic exterior, which is more tear-resistant.

All items came individually wrapped in lovely paper, though they were not in a plastic ziploc bag. There was also a paper invoice. A free soap sample (Kitchen & Garden) was included.

For the awesome value of just USD$11, I bought:

1 x Tea Tree Mint Loofah Soap 5 oz USD$5
1 x Lavender Loofah Soap 5 oz USD$5
1 x Tangerine Lemongrass Soap 5 oz USD$5.50
1 x Geranium Lavender Lipbalm USD$3.50
1 x Chamomile Infusion Luxury Lipbalm USD$4.50

The loofah soaps and lipbalm were shrinkwrapped, with the Tangerine Lemongrass in a cardboard box. Since only the Tangerine Lemongrass was “unsealed”, that’s the only item I’ve managed to get a whiff of, which smells very natural and refreshing 🙂 It’s a gift to a friend which I think he’d fancy.

Labelling is simple, but effective, with ingredients found on all items, along with the shop’s URL.

Only the Geranium Lavender lipbalm had a price on the label, which was a bit strange to me. Not quite a gift-appropriate label.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the haul and more than reasonable shipping 🙂 At just USD$11! Thank you, Heartsy!

You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here http://heartsy.me/users/89868/referral?c=plink with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D


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