Etsy/ Heartsy Deal Spotlight 14 June 2011

Today’s heartsy spotlights are on jewellery. Jewellery, jewellery, jewellery 🙂 Or jewelry. Depending on where you’re from and where you’re at.

You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D

(All photos taken off seller’s etsy listings)

The Sparkle Tree‘s deal on Heartsy offers USD$18 for USD$46 of credit (can be used toward shipping), with the voucher valid for 3 months.

I Love Orchids

This set of gorgeous cascading hydragea orchids with a lariat style necklace and matching earrings goes for USD$65 here. I love the perfect colour combination of the matte silver, seed pearl and blue gemstone.


For Sea Lovers


For lovers of the sea or Little Mermaid fans, who can resist this starfish themed necklace at USD$39 here?

Frosted Willow offers lovely handmade bangles and accesories, with the Heartsy steal of a deal at USD$13 for USD$30 of value (VIPs get USD$35). Voucher valid for 3 months and can be used toward shipping.

Starfish gold brass bangle

Continuing the sea theme, here’s a USD$15 gold brass bangle with a starfish. Sizes of the bangle are customisable.

Silver filled octopus

Or a sweet silver-filled cephalopod at USD$17.50, anyone?


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