Sunday Beautytalk: Fragrances – The Spice of Life

I love fragrances, scents, perfumes and any other names devised to tempt that olfactory sense of smell. Most of my purchases have been from mainstream brands. Off the top of my head, the scents that I’ve had over the last few years included Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, Burberry Women, DKNY Be Delicious, Christian Dior’s J’adore, Calvin Klein’s Euphoria and Euphoria Blossom and others I can’t quite remember. Ok, it’s quite scary looking back and realising how much I must have spent on them.

While I don’t quite have a constant favourite, here’s my current collection of perfumes. Which do have erh… quite a few repeats.

Synthetics & Fragrance Oils, love them all

Viewer’s L – R, top row:

1 x Giorgio Armani Code EDT 75ml
1 x Giorgio Armani Code EDP 30ml
1 x Giorgio Armani Code EDP 75ml
1 x Emporio Armani Diamonds EDP 100ml
1 x Banana Republic Jade EDP 100ml
1 x Christian Dior J’adore EDT 15ml

Viewer’s L – R, 2nd row of tins:

(Etsy purchases)
Cynthia 3 Oak Leaves & Acorn solid perfume
Cynthia 3 Heather & Hyacinth solid perfume
Latherati’s Beguile solid perfume
Latherati’s The Orchard solid perfume

3rd row, oval tubes on left:

(Artfire purchases)
One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) Summer Melon Spritzer
Gimme Shelter
Lemon Sugar

Middle row of roll-on glass bottles:

Latherati’s The Cobb, Secrets & Isle of Skye

Far right tubes:
(Etsy purchases)

Simple Traditions’ Gold Rush and Heavenly Solid Perfumes

Samples at bottom row from L – R:
Latherati’s Blossom, OHWTO Nirvana, OHWTO Yuzu, The Body Shop Dreams vial, OHWTO Besos del Sol

I’m not a label snob but I must admit that I got along with the top row very fine until the last 1.5 months or so when I discovered Heartsy and Etsy, which introduced the rest of the non-mainstream fragrances you see here 😀

Mainstream fragrances

Ok, I guess I *Really* like Armani Code. I actually finished my first EDP 75 ml bottle of it in record time, which triggered my hoarder instincts.

Armani Code EDP is described by as:

Sensual, seductive, magnetic…

Armani Code perfume for women from the design house of Giorgio Armani is based on a harmony between blood orange blossoms, fresh and spicy notes of ginger, yummy pear sorbet, sensual precious woods and warm honey and vanilla. A sensual and seductive fragrance that attracts like magnets. Launched in 2006.

Notes Top Note: Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, Sambac Jasmine Middle Note: Orange Blossom, Absolute, Sambac Jasmine Base Note: Vanilla, Honey

Recommended Use Daytime wear

I love the orange blossom and jasmine notes in this, which are weighed down by a more complex base. The wear time for the EDP is a good 6 – 8 hours on me. The vanilla and honey in this are grounded very well and subtle, since I don’t quite fancy vanilla on its own. I do smell some sandalwood in this too. It remains alluring and slightly mysterious throughout its entire wear time 🙂 Although it can be slightly overbearing for those that don’t like stronger scents, this is by no means the strongest scent I’ve tried. Which brings us to why I had an EDT version – when one of my guy pals sneezed several times while giving me a greeting hug.

On the Armani Code EDT, this is definitely lighter on the senses and smells fresher with a slight baby powder feel to the top note. Wear time for the EDT is pretty decent at about 4 hours for me, but it mutes down very quickly. Aforementioned guy pal did not sneeze while I was wearing this :p

Here’s what has to say about Emporio Armani’s Diamonds:

Sensual, sophisticated, elegant…

Did anyone say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”? Oh right, Marilyn did! Beyonce Knowles too, covering the immortal song in style for the launch of this new Giorgio Armani scent. Everything about Emporio Armani Diamonds is redolent of the intense dazzle and fascination that those little precious rocks produce at every woman’s heart. From the faceted bottle, meant to represent an olfactory gem, to the fun and mischievous scent itself. The crackling fruity opening (litchi, raspberry) is vividly bright, while the gourmand rose in the heart hugged by vanilla and musk is femininity itself, like the curvaceous satin gown that Marilyn wore when singing that infamous girly hymn: “A kiss on the hand might be quite Continental”, but Emporio Armani Diamonds lasts for so much longer.

Created: 2007 Type: Floral – Oriental

Notes Top Note: Litchi, Raspberry Middle Note: Rose, Fressia, Lily-Of-The-Valley Base Note: Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

Recommended Use Evening wear

If you’re not a fan of very strong scents, please steer clear of Diamonds. This is not for everyone, even though its top notes of Litchi and Raspberry sound so…fruity and innocuous. They are slightly synthetic in a grown-up manner rather than candy sweet. The base notes are very, very strong in Diamonds, which has a wear time of 8 hours or slightly more on me and my clothes. This is a scent you’d want to spritz very lightly or just save it for evening wear, really. I bought this on a lark when I was feeling spendy, but it’s not something I’d repeat. This plainly smells I AM WOMAN with no nuance of subtlety.

Banana Republic’s Jade was sold at an awesome value for a 100 ml EDP and the wooden magnetic clasp box had me at first sight. Followed by the price 🙂 says Jade is:


Jade Perfume by Banana Republic is as classic and top quality as their clothing, a fragrance equivalent of a solid beige trench. A woody floral scent that’s refreshing and soft, Jade’s slightly spicy top notes are mellowed down by a vanilla base and candied floral heart. Another staple for your wardrobe.



Jade is a very wearable everyday perfume and once again, I really like its spicy top notes which don’t offend the nostrils. I’d say it’s more of a candied floral heart than vanilla base. The candy-ness of this is pushing slightly at my tolerance for such candied scents, but is luckily balanced by the woody floral notes here. More wood than floral. Pretty refreshing. Wear time of about 5 – 6 hours on me and it’s something I can spritz on more than Armani Code.

Dior’s J’adore was my favourite perfume for a good 3 years (and a few EDP bottles of it), until the price went up through the roof in Singapore. This 15 ml EDT version is the sole survivor of one of the small GWP gift sets I had that came with the larger bottles. says:

Feminine, mysterious, opulent…

A phenomenal bestseller with a memorable trail, J’Adore begins and ends on a complicated yet fresh bouquet that oscillates between the velvety sheen of orchids and sensuous champaca and the fruitier elements of rich plum, sprinkled with droplets of sweet citrus fruit (mandarin). Hints of greenery and a smidge of violet & Damascena rose before the milky soft finale evoke the airs of a delightful young coquette in front of her mirror. The composition is underscored by tremendously lasting cassis and amaranth wood that will have them sigh “j’adore” (I love it!) throughout the day…and the night.

Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Melon, Peach, Pear Middle Note: Freesia, Lily Of The Valley, Rose, Violet Base Note: Cedar, Sandal, Vanilla, Musk

Recommended Use Daytime

This is a very wearable and feminine floral scent, strong on the florals like Freesia and Lily. While I wouldn’t call it a *light* scent, it’s definitely more of a crowd pleaser than Armani fragrances for sure, except maybe for the very young.  I can understand why it still is a bestseller, but not the price 😦

The other etsy/artfire scents have been or are in the process of being reviewed in their own individual entries. Please use the scroll-down menu on the right of my blog to access them under the store’s names 🙂

Love my Latherati scents

In summary, while the Indie fragrances don’t have the weartime/longevity/complexity of mainstream fragrances, they’re certainly more affordable and provide me with good variety all round. Because of their simpler fragrance formulations, you get true-er notes as well. For example – The Cobb is described as cinnamon and apples and that’s what I get.

OHWTO with more on their way 😀

The portability of these Indie fragrances is also another “plus” to have them around. For a while, I had my 30 ml GLASS bottle of Armani Code in my handbag at all times, kept in its cardboard box. Yes, I did mention how much I like Armani Code, didn’t I?

Simple Traditions and Cynthia 3

Nonetheless, I will certainly continue to have at least a couple of mainstream perfumes around. Not so much for their more fanciful packaging, but rather, I just don’t want the hassle of having to reapply my perfumes when I’m busy.


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