Stray Furbie 2 – Socks the Newest Kitty on the Block

We knew there were several kittens that have been hiding out at the park behind our block, but they only started getting bolder the last few months, when they grew quite a bit bigger. No more cute lil’ kitten-size.

(All photos taken with my crappy 2 MP Blackberry Phone Camera, so please excuse the quality or lack of)

Small cat, COLOSSAL appetite

That’s Socks as he was, when I first ran into him while shaking my bottle of kitty kibbles to summon the usual gang. He came sauntering along, all feral and snarling. But that didn’t stop him from walloping the wet food from a stranger – me. Several cans of it! We couldn’t keep pace with his gobbling. He didn’t even chew. He was literally gulping down chunks of it!

See ya around! Bring me more food next time!

With a backward glance, along with lickety lips after his first feeding session with us, he seemed to say “See ya around! Be back again with more food tomorrow!”.

After a couple more feeding sessions, he went missing for a few weeks 😦 Until I happened to cross his path just last week, at a different block of flats while on my way home. Wasn’t it fortuitous that I keep a small packet of kibbles with me in my bag most times?


He was decidedly ravenous. Looking slightly scrawnier than the last time we met.

Nah, I want premium cans, not generic wet food.

Since then, he’s found his way back to the original block of flats and puts in very regular appearances. He follows me around like a shadow to check out the other cats I feed.

Lying supine

A very loquacious ginger cat, he likes to lie all stretched out after a good meal. Or when he’s feeling very affectionate, he’ll cozy up to you, butt his head against your calves and DEMAND a kitty rub on the head and neck. Under his kitty chinny chin chin  too.

I'm Supercat

That’s my favourite photo of him so far 🙂 Oh and just in case you’ve not figured out, he’s called Socks on account of his 4 white paws.


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