LOTD: Epically Epic Soap Co. Red Velvet Cake Lip Tint/Balm

After the small disappointment of Epically Epic‘s Jasmine Tea Lip Tint (reviewed here), I brought out the Red Velvet Cake Lip Tint to give it a whirl.

It smells strongly of dark chocolate and raspberry, a scrumptious combi. I don’t think we have Red Velvet Cake in Singapore so I’m not sure what the right scent is, but this definitely appeals to chocolate lovers like me.

Water and rubproof label

Epically Epic describes this scent as:

RED VELVET CAKE ~ An irresistibly delicious lip tint that tastes just like red velvet cake ~ dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and just a hint of raspberry. It’s tinted with a sheer and easy to wear straight red-red. The color will look a little lighter and brighter on your lips than it does in the tube.

Highly moisturising with a high gloss finish

INGREDIENTS: Pistachio Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Candelilla Wax, Flavor, Natural Sweetener, Mineral Colorant.

USD$3.50 per 0.15 oz round tube.

Very wearable flush of red

The top swatch shows just 1 coat of Red Velvet Cake applied, with the bottom swatch several layers of it.

Taken indoors with natural light

On my lips, it’s a lovely, natural flush of sheer red, as described by Epically Epic. It probably leans a tad warm rather than cool, which makes it more wearable imo. I love it 🙂 Taste-wise it is slightly sweet but not as strong as the Passionfruit Rose and Mimosa lip tint/balm that I had finished earlier. Still, more marked than Jasmine Tea.

I’m pretty satisfied with Red Velvet Cake and might repurchase this just for the lovely calorie-free scent. Yummy.

Rating out of 10:
Price: 10
Quality: 9
Packaging: 7.5
Ease of usage: 9
Overall score: 8.9 
*Item reviewed purchased by me*

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