Swatches: Meow Carribean Escape and other miscellaneous

When I read and saw swatches of Meow‘s Carribean Escape eyeshadows having a lovely metallic, satin-y sheen and good colour payoff, I decided to give Meow eyeshadows a second chance. This was further sweetened by the free shipping offered 😉

Other than several of the Carribean Escape eyeshadows, I also ordered a Carribean Escape blush sample and 2 eyeshadow samples from the Sunless Sea & Supernaturals collections.

As with all Meow orders, 2 free samples were included. Mine were Sandstone Glow Powder and In-cat-uation Lush Blush.

(All photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Signature meow leopard print

Here’s what Meow Cosmetics has to say about their Carribean Escape collection.

Straight from the sandy beaches of the sun drenched tropics, our Caribbean Escape color collection is ultra-saturated with unmistakable island flair!

Smooth, creamy and infused with micro encapsulated cosmetic grade metallic luminosity, these joyful hues will transport you to a warm sunny beach in an instant.  

The Caribbean Escape colors are a voyage of intense color-drenched happiness and joy!  This color palette is a celebration of the spirit.  Never simple, these intricately composed color hues manage to remain surprisingly carefree. Each island-inspired shade of this collection literally sings out with the peace and joy that we all harbor and save for that most precious of times: vacation.  Whimsical and breezy, thrilling and new, immerse yourself in these brilliant Caribbean breezes.  Endless combinations – these shades were designed to mingle together for enough different looks to last all summer.  So dive in and adorn yourself with the colors of happiness, and escape.  But don’t miss these beauties, because just like summer, all too soon they’ll be gone. 

Eyeshadows retail at USD$1 for 1/16 tsp in a sample bag and USD$8 for 1.6g net weight in a 5g sifter jar.

Eyeshadow Ingredients: Mica; Some Colors May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Bronze Powder, Copper Powder, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Carmine , Silica

Photo of swatches taken indoors with natural lighting

*Swatches applied over Meow’s i-Prime* 

Beach – Sophisticated soft dawn with satiny metallic gold finish

Cat Island – Beige but not boring – this neutral shines with a pearlized finish and a dash of purple undertone

Uncharted – As mysterious as its name, this neutral beige/taupe shines with gold lustre

Stingray – Soft steel blue/purple that rubs down to a soft pink shimmer

Barbados – Soft smooth lilac with hints of rose

Starfruit – Fresh and bright sheer lime

Cayman – Lively aqua with soft shine

Limbo (blush) – Feather light pure cantaloupe yum

Non-Carribean Escape items:

Urania (Sunless Sea) – Silvery pearlized taupe

Astral Projection (Supernaturals) –  Lilac with blue iridescence

Free samples of Sandstone Glow Powder and In-cat-tuation Lush Blush.

Photo taken indoors, natural light

I really like the finishes of these eyeshadows.  The Carribean Escape collection does have good colour payoff with no discernible glitter. I find the finishes more satin-y rather than metallic, which means more wearable or you could foil them to get the metallic-ness to show up (if such a word exists).

Carribean Escape

My favourites are all 4 in the first column Beach, Stingray, Uncharted, Cat Island (I think they’d make a good quad palette) and Urania (yes, all the taupe shades :P). Starfruit and Cayman appear slightly flat to me for colours so fun, so they might be better off foiled. Limbo is a nice shade to give a healthy pop of colour – matte finish.

 The free sample of In-cat-uation blush is a subtle shade that I’ve not tried on my face before but will make it a point to tomorrow. Astral Projection quite a unique shade imo too which I can imagine pairing with my Sephora Flashy Pink eyeliner. Sandstone is a glow powder that applies sheer. I think it’d be quite a subtle warm glow on my skin. All in all, I really love how glitter-free these products are from my 2nd purchase.

I can’t wait till Meow runs their next sale/free international shipping to get full sizes of several of the colours 🙂

~*Items reviewed above purchased by me*~


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