Epically Epic: An Epically Huge 8oz Tin of I Love Lychee Solid Lotion and more Lipbalms

No, I’ve not quite finished my 5 tin sampler of Epically Epic’s solid lotions from this purchase, but I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the cheaper local shipping upon hearing that my friend in Houston would be heading home for 3 months.

So along with her and toddler in tow, were these ๐Ÿ˜€

An 8 oz tin of I Love Lychee solid lotion (USD$18) and a Lipbalm Trio (USD$10.50).

More yummy lip goodness

I never quite knew how wonderfully moisturising pistachio butter for the lips were, until Epically Epic lipbalms came into my life.

This time round, I picked up Jasmine Tea, Vanilla Coke and Epic Berry Noir (Lip Tint). I can’t quite get a whiff of Jasmine Tea from the tube, but Vanilla Coke smells just like the drink, right down to the fizz that Coke has. Epic Berry Noir has a slightly generic, but pleasant, berry scent. This brings my current count of Epically Epic Lip Balms & Lip Tints to 6 + 3 – 1 (I’ve finished Mimosa!).

From your left to right, you see Jasmine, Vanilla Coke (mmm… heavenly scent without the calories) and Epic Berry Noir.

An 8 oz tin just doesn’t look quite impressive on its own without playing up the perspective of size. That’s a 0.25 oz tin of Nag Champa next to its 8 oz neighbour ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ingredients are listed on the back of the tin and I plan to use this as a body lotion.



Lychee’s not lychee if it ain’t at least a pink ๐Ÿ˜€

~*Items in this review purchased by me*~


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