Why Singaporeans Love to buy from Overseas E-tailers

The reason is simple. Other than a better variety and the relatively strong Singapore dollar (SGD$) which translate to a whole lot of savings, the other factor is the plainly absurd cost in Singapore.

Maidenform has very comfortable bras that are a good fit for me. While they may not have the jazziest nor the most colourful of designs, that’s fine. The quality is definitely above average.

But, the one drawback to purchasing Maidenform bras in Singapore is price. Available at standalone lingerie stores and larger departmental stores here, the bras are typically SGD$89.90 upwards (approximately USD$72!!!). This is more than the average take-home pay for many ladies here and seriously. Are you going to fritter that much away on on a bra?

What’s the recommended retail price of a Made in China/Thailand Maidenform bra in the US? Just USD$34. Like the one I purchased off Ebay (refer to tag below). Like many other brands on Ebay, this bra retailed at way less than the store price. I paid less than USD$13. Even with airmail shipping factored in, each new with tags bra was a very affordable SGD$27. Almost 1/3 the price of a sold in Singapore but Made in China/Thailand Maidenform bra. Ridiculous much?

It always fascinates me how well-travelled my purchases are.

China -> US -> Singapore.

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky…


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4 Responses to Why Singaporeans Love to buy from Overseas E-tailers

  1. sn0wy says:

    I just discovered Maidenform today at Blush! and it’s really comfortable! I was wondering which ebay seller did u purchase from and what are the shipping charges roughly? TIA!!

    • Hi I buy from different sellers according to the designs and sizes available. You should shop around and compare. 1st class airmail starts around US$7+ per bra but it does go down per piece the more you buy.

      • sn0wy says:

        Thanks! I totally agree with you that $89 does not make sense when the same item can be purchased at 1/2 the price online. I wish I read your blog before I made the purchase. >< Good thing I stumbled across it. 😀 Long live the internet!

      • 😉 Most things in Sg too marked up owing to high rental & “labour” costs. The Maidenform bras last about 1 – 2 years for me with regular wash and wear… so $89 doesn’t quite justify it. But they are cut and wear much better than Triumph or other local labels.

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