Silk Naturals Mineral Eyeshadow Swatches Part 2

Here’s a continuation of a series of Silk Naturals mineral eyeshadow swatches that I’m in the progress of crafting.

Following my Part 1 swatches of sheer highlight neutral colours, this is a set of darker neutral shades.

(All photos can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)

Darker neutrals

Silk Naturals’ eyeshadows retail at USD$4 for 3/4 tsp in a 5g sifter jar. Ingredients are listed on each individual eyeshadow’s listing on their website.

The colours were swatched over Meow Cosmetics’ i-Prime primer.

Eyeshadow descriptions taken off Silk Naturals.

Caliber (Urban Decay Naked Palette Clone) – Caliber is a brassy, golden shimmer pearl.  It’s very warm, and has just the slightest hint of red to it.  Caliber is our clone of Urban Decay’s Half Baked from the Naked Palette.

Teacher’s Pet – Teacher’s Pet is a medium taupe pearl with hints of golden bronze glimmer.  

It’s inspired by Hermione from the Harry Potter books.  Hermione always struck me as BUSY- a book worm with a lot going on- earthy yet complex, and very smart.

Eu-Taupe-Ia – Eu-Taupe-Ia is a matte taupe color- great for a neutral look and goes wonderfully with our Stonewashed Nudes Palette Collection.

Tailfeather – Tailfeather is inspired by the colors of a real wild turkey.  It’s a blend of gold, brown, and copper- lightened to make it a nice, neutral one-color wash.

Loaded (Urban Decay Naked Palette Clone) – Loaded is a warmish tan shimmer with hints of pink.   It makes a great deep lid color, and is our clone of Urban Decay’s Toasted.

Bare (MAC Retrospeck clone) – Bare is an absolutely gorgeous champagne shimmer color! It’s very versatile- you can wear as a nearly nude mid-tone lid color for the day time, or as a little bit more dramatic highlight color for evening.

Quartzite (Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes palette clone) – Quartzite is a pretty pretty shadow. It’s a very light, almost nude tan color with a very flattering, not over the top, shimmer.

This is part of our Geo collection- our intrepretation of Bobbi Brown’s Stonewashed Nudes pallet.

Earth – Earth is a matte taupe shade with shimmery blue and red interference micas. It started out as a GWP color around Christmas time 2010.  It was an exercise in texture.  Holiday collections tend to be very glimmery, and I wanted something to contrast with all of the lights, tinsel, and hooplah.  The texture and color on this one are absolutely unique- I’ve never made another color like it, before or since.  It reminded me of cement so I called it Earth.

Caliber’s the first brass-toned shade I’ve tried and while I love the metallic sheen, the colour just doesn’t quite cut it for me. Teacher’s Pet & Tailfeather are my favourites and Eu-Taupe-Ia’s a true matte.

Similarly, I love the finish of Loaded but it’s too pink on my warm skintone that intensifies most colours. Bare used to be a favourite lid shade of mine when I was tanner. Currently, Earth and Quarzite are my favourites sheered out.

That’s all for the neutrals. Bolder colours to come along next 🙂

~*Items reviewed above purchased by me or were GWP of items purchased by me*~

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