Review: My Abbamart Brushes Purchase – May 2011

When Abbamart released their new brushes, I couldn’t resist placing a small order for several that I had my eye on.

My earlier review of Abbamart brushes can be read here

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Speedy shipping in a bubblepac 🙂

Lol you KNOW it’s Summer when the colours get cheerier! I LOVE the lollipop and the colour wrapping paper. The sponges are my freebie, along with a gift card, as something I’d ordered was OOS. Thank you, Lana.

All brushes came in their plastic wrapper, with a face and an eyeshadow brush having extra protective covers. The covers help in preserving the shape of the bristles, especially for fluffier and fuller ones.

Individual descriptions of the brushes and prices can be found at

Other than the brown toray fibre (synthetic) eyeshadow brush at the top, the rest are all made from goat hair.

I have washed all of them and only the White Sheep Powder brush shed a couple of hairs. As with natural haired brushes, there will be a slight “scent” after washing, which gets better or milder once the brushes dry thoroughly.

Face & Cheek Brushes

The brush at the top is the White Sheep Powder Brush XL, with the smaller brush the White Sheep Face Highlighting Brush. I have used the XL brush for my finishing powder and it is awesome! The hairs are porous and that helps in distributing the loose powder over the face evenly, without too thick a layer or patchiness.

They’re both very dense and tightly packed with no gaps at the metal ferrule. I intend to use the Highlighting Brush at the bottom to contour the cheekbones.

Eyeshadow brushes

Out of this lot of eyeshadow brushes, I’ve used the Bubinga Angled Eyeshadow brush (rosewood handle) and the Precision Crease brush (Beau-make light cream handle). They are, respectively, the bottom and the top  brushes show in the above photo.

See how fine the Precision Crease brush leftmost in the photo is? Perfect for delicate brushwork, especially on small eyes like mine. Because it’s natural hair and porous, it actually helps in blending and sheering out pigmented colours very well. Just a light dab on a pigmented eyeshadow, put it in your crease and start blending outwards.

The Bubinga Angled Toray Eyeshadow Brush is awesome for applying cream based primers and eyeshadows, or for one colour washes, as it has the right shape and size. Try inverting it too. It’s a very versatile brush with soft but firm bristles. I’ve bought another 2 more.

All in all, the goat haired brushes all turned out very soft and non-scratchy on my face. Which is something I can’t say the same for many other natural haired brushes in this price range. The toray bristled eyeshadow brush, like the other toray brushes I have from Abbamart, did not disappoint.

I’ve already placed an order for more 😉

~*Items reviewed above purchased by me*~

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