iHerb International Airmail Rate Reduced!

Got this in an iHerb email today and thought I’d post out here too 🙂

Great news for international customers like us!

Dear iHerb International Customer,

We have further reduced our shipping rates.

International Airmail now starts at $2.00 for the 1st pound (454 grams), with a maximum allowed weight of 4 pounds (instead of 3).
This will allow you to place smaller orders, as often as you need to.

Also, DHL International air service is now further discounted by 33% for orders over $120.00

With over 30,000 products in stock and super inexpensive shipping methods, we hope to serve all your nutritional needs.

Please check our home page for daily and weekly specials:

If you’re a first time customer, you could use my referral code “UKE525” to get USD$5 off your first purchase.


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