Etsy/ Heartsy Deal Spotlight 7 June 2011

Here’s featuring a lil’ bit of whimsy from etsy/heartsy today. Yes, I’m quite lame with the rhyming, but I like it =P

You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D

Flirtbuttons handmakes more than just buttons. But magnets, mirrors, wedding favours, jewellery, hair accessories, bottle openers, paperclips, belt buckles etc. etc. etc. Today’s awesome Hearty deal for Flirtbuttons is a USD$9 purchase for USD$22 of store credit (USD$32 for VIPs). Store credit can be used toward shipping.

(All photos below taken off seller’s etsy listings)


No, I don’t drink bottled beer much, but I can imagine gifting this to a guy pal that would do this much justice 😀

Fabric covered bottle opener with Mylar covering. USD$5

Sweet Sakura

If I had little girls of my own, I’d dress them up in the sweetest of frilly dresses and top that off with these sweet orange Sakura fabric covered bobby pins.

Retails at USD$6 for a set.

I’m missing the sea and seahorses too, especially the Barbiganti pygmy seahorses.

This cute pocket mirror retails at USD$4.

Oh and I just realised that orange is a common colour among these 3 items 🙂


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