Fyrinnae Collection Swatches: Part 2 (May 2011 Purchase)

Here’s a continuation of my Fyrinnae swatch series, with 9 eyeshadows from my most recent purchase in May 2011 blogged about here.

(All photos can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)

The top half of each eyeshadow is swatched on bare skin, with the bottom half over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.

The photos were taken indoors with natural light, without camera flash.

Damn Paladins -Soft, satiny taupe with a gentle light blue highlight.

Envy Me – Soft tan-taupe with a subtle green sheen.

Koala – A medium rosy taupe, this shade has a satin finish, but gives off a little more shine when applied wet.

Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic) – Electric Stardust is a bright, cheery, shimmery mint green. Lighter than it looks here, but yet full of vibrance. Brought closer to light, it changes to a lighter aqua then to a pale silvery blue.

Warrior-Mage (Arcane Magic) – One of the most glimmering, multi-faceted shades in our Arcane line. Gleaming, sparkley silver with a greenish highlight that changes to pink and soft gold when closer to light, enhanced by glowing blue sparkle. Must see to appreciate–photos can’t begin to show this properly.

Rapunzel Had ExtensionsYou KNOW she did! Her own fault it went awry, not looking into a decent salon first. Just because your cousin grooms poodles doesn’t make her a stylist.
Stunning golden pink-peach (looks pink in the jar). Photos don’t show it well enough, but in low light it’s a great warm highlight shade (as shown in the first photo below), but as soon as the light hits it, wow! It’s a vibrant gleaming pale gold.

Crimson Ghost – Satiny ivory-pink in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has a soft glow of light red shimmer in varying hues. Try applying over a black base (shadow, cream liner, etc) for a great effect.

Jade Ghost – Satiny pale white-green in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has an iridescent glow of light green shimmer in varying shades. Try applying over a black base (shadow, cream liner, etc) for a great effect.

Otherworld – Similar to our Ghost shades, but sparkley, this is a pale “ghostly” aqua shimmer with glimmers of turquoise and blue sparkle. It’s more blue than it appears here.

My favourites here are Damn Paladins, Koala and Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic).

These 4 sheerer/highlight shades are stunning! I love them all, but will be giving Crimson Ghost away as I can’t take pink on my lids without look like I have conjunctivitis.

More swatches of my previous collection to come when they’re ready 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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