Sunday Beautytalk: Facial Spritz, Toners & Sprays

Are you in the habit of spritzing your face with a toner, hydrosol or some thermal water?

I never used to do that, since toning struck me as being useless in our climate, unlike somewhere colder, where your pores look smaller because of the cold. Afterall, heat expands and cold contracts 😛

However, I’ve had a change of mind a couple of years back, when I started on Avene products. There was a “free” 50 ml thermal spray that came along in one of the packs and that got me hooked. Not so much for the pores, but for its subtly hydrating properties and how well this worked on heat rashes. This really worked very well on chafed, irritated areas. The redness subsides quicker and it relieves the itch too. So from 1 simple thermal spray, this is what I currently have, all kept in the refrigerator:

Spritz, sprays and hydrosol

L – R
Hugo Naturals French Lavender Essential Mist, Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist, Silk Naturals’ Rose Spritz, Avene’s Thermal Water Spray, Silk Naturals Strawberry Spritz, Garden of Wisdom’s Witch Hazel Distillate (alcohol-free)

Lovely scents!

These two 60 ml Hugo Naturals’ bottles make very purse friendly sprays. They’re scented with essential oils so I don’t like using them for my face. I keep them to spritz in my hair and clothes right after lunch or on my bedlinen.

They were just under USD$2 each, which was a pretty good deal for the quality and size 🙂 From iHerb.

From Silk Naturals

These 2 are from Silk Naturals. The Rose spritz comes in a sample sized spray and to be honest, the cute and recyclable container’s really why I bought it. I’ve yet to use it.

That is my second 4 oz Strawberry Spritz, which I like to add to my DIY clay masks for both the scent and also its light hydrating properties.

Soothing & Calming

This 4 oz Witch Hazel from Garden of Wisdom calms and soothes, as promised. I enjoy a quick and simple DIY eye mask using this and cotton pads. Soak cotton pads thoroughly with alcohol-free witch hazel and place over closed eyes. Voila.

Avene Thermal Water Spray - 300ml canister

You’re seeing a colossal 300 ml pressurised canister of thermal goodness from Avene, a French label that has pretty effective and decent skincare. Except for the inflated price in Singapore, of course. If I had to choose just ONE spritz/spray or oner, this would be my selection. No quibbles.

Mineral rich

Like most natural spa sources, this is mineral-rich as well, owing to its source. Mineral rich and this really helps with skin ailments and itches. Of course, it’s no miracle elixir and I should say, it alleviates rather than heals 😉

Someone who has tried both the Evian & Avene thermal water spray tells me that she found the latter to work better on her. I don’t know about that but I really like Avene and use it as a toner, to set my makeup, to freshen up my makeup mid-day, to dampen my foundation brushes when I want a heavier finish and also works when I break out in rashes or have chafed skin from running or otherwise.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~

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