ROC Soleil Protexion+ Velvet Moisture Quenching Fluid SPF 50+ Sunscreen (Normal to Combination Skin)

What do you look for in chemical sunscreens for everyday wear and under makeup? For me, these are the few key points:

(a) low or no silicone content;
(b) low or no alcohol content;
(c) untinted or minimal white cast that sinks in relatively quickly;
(d) no strong and untinted fragrance; and
(e) affordability
(f) matte or close to matte finish

ROC soleil Protexion Quenching Fluid

The ROC Soleil Protexion Quenching Fluid for Normal to Combination Skin with SPF 50+ Velvet Moisture was introduced to me a few months ago by a pal that LOVES sunscreens and certainly lives up to most of the criteria above set by me. This retails at USD$39.90 for a 50ml tube at Guardian’s and Watson’s drugstores & pharmacies in Singapore. Watch out for the frequent 20% off sales.

Other than the high and solid protection offered by the SPF 50+ that offers good UVA and UVB protection, the “non sticky and non greasy” yet hydrating formula is certainly attractive for someone with normal-combination (oily) skin like me, which this caters for.

Avobenzone sunscreen

Made in France under the ROC label, this is an avobenzone sunscreen (incompatible with SPF makeup) that is lightly scented with a “sunshine” fragrance that dissipates quickly when applied. Although this has dimethicone and alcohol, they’re further down the list, which usually indicates a smaller content of them, as ingredients are usually listed in the order of concentration in a formula, from largest to smallest.

Housed in a 50ml squeeze tube with a secure plastic flip top cap, the sunscreen is easy to dispense. Although this is “fluid”, it’s not as runny as milk, which gives better control in application on the face, ears and neck.

Owing to the rather thin consistency, this does spread easily.

If you do use the recommended 1.25 ml on your face alone, there is a slight white cast when freshly applied. This will sink in after a couple of minutes, so not really an issue.

This is how the back of my hand looks after a couple of minutes, with the sunscreen feeling “slightly velvety” to the touch, hence the “Velvet Moisture” print. It’s about 90% matte to me which is fantastic, really. While not waterproof, I have found this to work for me while spending a couple of hours trekking Bukit Timah Hill (I wasn’t quite expecting to perspire that much. Wrong assumption). This did not sting my eyes, which is a plus. But this might differ from person to person.

This might just be my own assumption, but since chemical sunscreens work by having the chemical filters penetrating into your skin and working from there, imo, they tend to be slightly “waterproof” or “sweat-resistant”, as compared to physical sunscreens whose filters (usually zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) don’t get absorbed into the skin, but sit atop forming a protective layer. Which probably also explains why waterproof physical sunscreens tend to be very tacky, sticky and often oily. For better adhesion to the skin.

If scents get to you, there is an unscented version for “Sensitive Skin”.

I do enjoy this quite a bit and have stocked up with several more tubes. =)

Rating out of 10
Price: 8.5 (pretty good value for $, especially with 20% off and with 50ml)
Quality: 8.75 (waterproof woud be better.)
Packaging: 8 (pretty standard squeeze tube, minimal waste)
Ease of usage: 9.5
Overall score: 8.7
~*Item reviewed purchased  by me*~

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2 Responses to ROC Soleil Protexion+ Velvet Moisture Quenching Fluid SPF 50+ Sunscreen (Normal to Combination Skin)

  1. amani says:

    which difference between soleil protexion fluid and cream according to person has combination skin?
    do soleil protexion fluid suitable for person suffering from acne?

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