Silk Naturals Mineral Eyeshadow Swatches Part 1

Silk Naturals was the first mineral makeup company that I started purchasing on a regular basis from, owing to their lippies, DIY foundation mix and skincare. As a perk, Silk Naturals also offers customers their choice of any full sized eyeshadow with a purchase of every USD$30 worth of items. So if you purchase USD$90, you get 3 eyeshadows of your choice. I don’t quite know of any other mineral makeup company that offers a comparable perk like this on a permanent basis.

They usually retail at USD$4 for 3/4 tsp in a 5g sifter jar. Very reasonable.

(All photos can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)


To start off this series of Silk Naturals’ eyeshadow swatches, here’re several lighter/nude/sheer/taupe-ish shades that are very easily to wear and will suit most skintones. Photos were taken indoors with daylight, no flash used. Eyeshadows were swatched over Meow Cosmetics’ i-Prime primer.

Eyeshadow descriptions taken off Silk Naturals.

Mahalo – Mahalo is a velvety smooth golden pearl with a hint of green.  It’s inspired by moonlight shining on the belly of a sea turtle.

Boom (MAC Shroom clone) – Boom is a very warm creamy oyster color with a shimmery pearl finish.

Bristol – Bristol is a very light tan with complex blue, and lavender highlights, and honey pearl.  It has a semi-matte suede finish with just enough shimmer and pop to bring some light to your eyes.

Adorn (Bare Escentuals Au Natural clone) – Adorn is tan in the jar.  When you excitedly tear open your new SN package you’re really not going to be excited about it.  You may even be tempted put it in a drawer for a while (I know how you are…so many colors, such tiny lids).  BUT you’d really really mistaken if you did that with this color. When you put it on it pops out the most wonderful irridescent blue violet highlights. 

Idolize (MAC Idol Eyes clone) – Idolize is a purple blue color with an intense layer of gold on top. It’s very complex-a combination of 12 different shades of mica, and some pigments too. It’s very very close to MAC Idol Eyes.

York – York is reminiscent of the London Fog- a steamy grey with hints of blue.  It has a semi-matte suede finish with blue highlights and a little bit of golden pearl. 

Platinum -Platinum is the base color for our Smokey eye quad.  It’s a very neutral satin-finish silver with icy blue and silver shimmer added.  What I love about this color is that it’s versatile.  Because it’s so neutral it goes with a lot of different looks, and you can wear it pretty much day or night or both! 


All 3 shades featured above are very light, on the sheer and can be used as highlighting shades too. I really like Mahalo as it’s a very pale gold that leans cool rather than warm. Most golds on the market lean warm. If you’re around an NC 35, which I once was, Boom would be very close to your lid shade and a good allover shade to use to give your eyes a fresher look. Bristol leans pink. While I generally avoid pinks and reds on my eyes, Bristol is very wearable as a browbone highlighting colour for me.

Adorn is my current favourite as it melts into my lid colour but flashes violet when the light hits it. I’ve actually had compliments from guys on this when used as a one-colour wash. Quarzite is an old favourite of mine when I was an NC 35 and used this as a lid shade. Nowadays, this works for me sheered out from lid to above crease. Platinum was a free sample which I find too glittery but a lovely medium silver nevertheless.

All in all, I find Silk Naturals’ pretty extensive range of colours easy to wear as they aren’t overly pigmented. There are also several different textures and finishes to choose from, such as suede, matte, metallics and glitter/sparkly shades. Personally, I’m boring and like light neutrals that are wearable or one-wash kind of shades. Although i do own a couple of striking shades from Silk Naturals.

More to come when I’ve gotten the swatches ready 🙂
~*Items reviewed above purchased by me or were GWP of items purchased by me*~


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