Meow Cosmetics: Eyeshadow and Blush Swatches

Here’re several swatches of the eyeshadow and blushers that I purchased off Meow Cosmetics in December 2010, with free shipping and a discount code. Most are sample sizes, with a full sized blusher (Lush Blush: Wanton) & the i-Prime eyeshadow primer (not featured here).

This was my first purchase from Meow Cosmetics, as international shipping is pretty high, as US Indie companies go. Which has been a big deterrent for me.

Meow does not offer skin swatches on their website and I’d highly encourage you to google around for blog and forum swatches before purchasing, as many of the colours can be off.

All colours below were swatched using sponge applicators on bare skin. No primer was used.

(Photos can be viewed in their original size by clicking on them)


Eyeshadow samples are 1/16 tsp in a baggie (smaller than most mineral makeup companies, but certainly enough for several uses) and only cost USD$1 each. Full sizes come in 5g or 10g jars and range from USD$7 – over USD$10 (which is also pricier than most Indie makeup companies).

Meow offers a varied range of finishes from Mattes to ‘Purrls’ and sparklier shades. I’d also ordered from their seasonal Christmas collection, which only makes an appearance… during those seasonal times 😛 Meow has a main permanent collection and often offers these “seasonal” or “temporary” collections that can only be purchased for a limited period, such as “Friday the 13th” and the current Carribean Escape colours that are only available in summer.

IdealEyes (Purrl)

These 4 shades are from the IdealEyes (Purrl) selection which have a “purrrl” finish. With less glitter and more of a satin sheen to me. Full sizes are USD$10.25 for a 10g jar.

Meow’s colour descriptions:

Street Cat – Bright cat eye green 

Witty Kitty – Vanilla with a subtle metallic cinnamon-copper sheen and undertone

Fat Cat – Purrlized sage green with iridescent highlights and shimmer

Cats in the Cradle – Buttery French Vanilla with gold shimmer

*My thoughts: Fat Cat is very ‘off’ in swatch and description, as you can tell. Otherwise, the other 3 shades are just about there, except that Street Cat could be greener. My favourites are Witty Kitty & Street Cat*

Xmas Collection

The 3 shades at the top are from Meow’s Christmas Collection, with the bottom 2 from the ModernEyes permanent collection. Is it just me or do they look kind of similar, with slight variations in shade and shimmer level?

These 5 shades are not pigmented enough to be applied on bare skin by themselves. A primer is highly recommended. Even if you’re going to use them as highlight shades, for which they seem more appropriate.

Meow’s colour descriptions:

Tree Fire (12 Pains) – Coral Orange with pink iridescent undertone and gold shimmer

Peace on Earth (Holiday Wishes) – Creamy warm french vanilla with a soft rosy glow

Star (Merry Mayhem) – Gleaming yellow with gold and silver sparkle and gold iridescence

Meow – Yellow/Green with gold shimmer

Gone with the Kitty – Golden soft peach with gold shimmer

*My favourite here is probably Tree Fire, which I plan to use as a blush. Not as an eyeshadow. As it looks nicely sheer :)*

While I’m still very undecided and unconvinced by Meow’s eyeshadows, their blushers, on the other hand, are very, very convincing.

Awesome sheen, colour & just gorgeous

Just look at how lovely and pigmented they are, in contrast to the eyeshadows!

Samples are also priced at USD$1 for 1/8 tsp in sample baggies. Full sized blushers come in 10g & 20g sifter jars and are priced from USD$8 to over USD$16.

Meow’s colour descriptions:

Dirty Talk -Medium hued warm coral infused with golden pink glow

Coral Reefer – Sheer & bright & bold coral (peach and pink)

Brick House – Bright russet red with soft shimmer

Debutante – Medium peach with golden undertone and shimmer

Wanton – Pomegranate shade with coral and rose undertones

*The only shade that doesn’t match the description is probably coral reefer. However, the product photo of coral reefer on Meow’s site and what’s in my sample baggie are identical. Otherwise, the other shades are a very close match both in description and product photo. I’m very happy with these blushers 🙂 and Debutante is a right on medium peach that’d be a great colour for a lippie too.*

~*Products reviewed above were purchased by me*~


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