Heartsy/Etsy Purchase Review: Simple Traditions

Simple Traditions has a special place in my heart, as it’s the first etsy shop that I ever purchased a Heartsy voucher from, which you can read about in my earlier entry https://lipglossfiend.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/my-simple-traditions-etsy-purchase/

My order was placed on 23 May, shipped out on 25 May and arrived in Singapore on 1 June from NY! Impressed much 🙂 with the turnaround time and shipping efficiency.

I was quoted US$11.15 for international shipping and the actual was US$10.89. Very fair.

While I appreciate that shipping costs are kept low because of the lightweight bubblepac envelope, you can see that this just doesn’t quite cut it for longhaul packages. I’d prefer one of those bubblepac envelopes with a plastic bag-like exterior, which would be able to withstand the rigours of an almost 24 hour plane journey better.

My goodies did arrive intact and what a great deal it was for the following:

White Tea & Ginger Whipped Soap  4 oz
Lavender Whipped Soap 4 oz
Exotic Pear Solid Lotion Bar 1 3/8 oz
Gold Rush Solid Perfume Stick 0.15 oz
Heavenly Solid Perfume Stick 0.15 oz

Gift with Purchase: Lavender Lipbalm 0.15 oz

White Tea & Ginger, Lavender whipped soaps and Exotic Pear solid lotion smell as named. Heavenly, light without overwhelming, with Exotic Pear commanding the strongest scent without being overly sweet.

Ingredients and the shop’s URL are listed on the back, along with usage instructions for the whipped soaps.

Whipped Soap’s ingredients are:

distilled water glycerin sorbitol sodium cocoyl isethionate disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate sodium chloride phenoxyethanol tetrasodium edta sweet almond oil fragrance oil body safe color

and contain NO:

NO Parabens
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Animal Products

The solid perfumes came in oval tubes, with the lipbalm in a round tube. Which helps, since they have identical packaging and someone might just confuse one for the other 😉

Ingredients are listed on the back of the solid perfumes, along with directions too.

My Thoughts:

I’ve used the White Tea & Ginger whipped soap twice today, sampled on the Heavenly and Gold Rush solid perfumes, as well as the Exotic Pear solid lotion on my legs.

Mighty impressed. That’s what I am. The White Tea & Ginger whipped soap lathered beautifully in the shower. I used about 1 flat tablespoon’s worth, putting it right smack on a wet washcloth. It left the shower stall smelling lovely and welcoming too. The scent lingers slightly on the body, but would not overwhelm any other perfume you might choose to put on. The whipped soap cleaned without leaving my skin dry and left it feeling softer to the touch.

I was so looking forward to smelling Exotic Pear. It didn’t disappoint. This is my first experience using a solid lotion in a tin and while there wasn’t much glide to the texture, it was easy enough to rub onto my legs and to further rub in slightly with my hands. According to Simple Traditions:

“This lotion bar adds an exotic twist to a bartlett pear by combining pear nectar with cassis, violet and sandalwood.”

While I don’t fancy pear the fruit to eat, I do enjoy pear scents. This is tart, tangy and juicy pear at its best. I can’t quite get the rest of the notes, but that’s fine by me. The solid lotion did moisturise well enough for the tropics here and didn’t leave my hands feeling too greasy after. It’s more of a lightweight solid moisturiser rather than an intensive one to me.

The solid perfume sticks surprised me with their staying power. I applied them in the crook of my elbows before sleeping and 5+ hours later, I could still smell them! They also go on pretty strong, for solid perfume scents and dry down to something milder after 30 minutes or so. For a mostly natural formulation and at this price (USD$5 each), it exceeded expectations.

Gold Rush solid perfume stick is described as:

.”..a perfect blend of Patchouli, Plumeria and Sweet Orange to make for an exotic, earthy, fruity and spicy perfume all in one.”

I enjoyed how sweet orange tempered patchouli (which can be very overpowering) with plumeria adding a nice rounded touch to the combination. Simple but effective. It’s a pleasant scent that’d probably make a good ubiquitous gift to females.

Heavenly reminded me a light floral scented baby powder:

“This solid perfume combines the citrus fruits of yuzu, mandarin and lime with the sweet smelling floral scents of rose petals, baby violets and a hint of warm musk to make a pure heavenly treat.”

My first thoughts when whiffing both Heavenly and Gold Rush were wow, Heavenly’s somewhat more complex than Gold Rush. I couldn’t put a finger to what scents there were in Heavenly right off. I’d say to me, the citrus and the lighter florals are about 50 – 50, with just the slightest of musk to ground the scent. Definitely feminine and stronger than Gold Rush. It made me want to whiff it again just to try to discern what notes there were.

I highly recommend Simple Traditions, especially if you’re an international buyer, as the shipping rates are reasonable and not overinflated. At the prices and the quality plus array of scents you get, this is certainly a store I’d return to, even without a Heartsy voucher 🙂

*Items reviewed purchased by me*

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