Yesterday was a Great Day

I received:

A Muesli + Walnut loaf of bread from the SwissBake, thanks to my neighbour (who loves to feed me :D)

2 very lovely dresses from a pal

and these 2 packages from Latherati & my first Heartsy/Etsy purchase from Simple Traditions (I’m so blown away by the scents in these 2 purchases, I’ll need a bit of time to blog about them in greater detail after more thorough testing, to do them justice!)

Simple Traditions - mmmmmmm

White Tea & Ginger whipped soap & Exotic Pear Solid Lotion are beckoning to me!~

Lather, Lather, Latherati

Heh, I received the EXACT SAME SAMPLES as my first purchase which I received yesterday. Tara soap & Blossom solid perfume.

I'm in Perfume Heaven

I have Beguile on my pulse points now, which really soothes me. Secrets is AWESOME, Isle of Skye too. Alter Ego Dr Jekyll smells so “goody two shoes” 😀

Thank You for good friends, neighbours and shopping 🙂


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Lipgloss, Makeup galore and other yummy goodies by the score :)
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