Makeup Brush Review: Ebay Synthetic Flat Top Brush

Being on the lookout for new long handled synthetic flat top brushes, I came across this on Ebay.

Synthetic flat top brush

This retailed at just SGD$7 (approx. USD$5.55) inclusive of shipping from Hong Kong. With a lovely solid wooden handle, a metal ferrule and brown, synthetic bristles.

Dense and even

The bristles were evenly cut, dense and seemed comparable to the synthetic bristled brushes I have. There was no funky factory glue smell when this came.

The bristles are of a decent length, though because of the smaller head, they do seem slightly too long for buffing.

Next to the EDM flat top brush

Its head is pretty small, compared to the Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush, though just as dense.

When I gave this its first wash, there was no shedding nor dye bleed, which I was very pleased about. I’ve only managed to use this once with my SK II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation and while it stippled on well on my cheeks, chin and forehead, it didn’t fare as well on my nose and the sides. The bristles were just too long and “resistant” to bend around to stipple on just there. Which is certainly a limitation.

Personally, I love to wash my brushes after a single usage, to keep them and my face and makeup as clean as possible. When I tried washing this with my usual Daiso cleanser, there was some minor shedding this time, of about 10 – 12 strands, which surprised me. I’ll have to monitor this and see.

The size is also just right for gel/cream blushers if you use these liquid products. So save for liquid/cream foundations and products, I wouldn’t recommend this for anything in powder form, owing to the bristle resistance and head size.

I don’t think it’s a bad brush. I think it’s a very decent purchase at such a low price. But it’s certainly limited. But I don’t think I’d repurchase nor recommend this to anyone else.

Rating out of 10:
Price: 8
Quality: 7
Packaging: 8 (sturdy handle and ferrule)
Ease of usage: 6
Overall score: 7.3 
*Item reviewed purchased by me*

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2 Responses to Makeup Brush Review: Ebay Synthetic Flat Top Brush

  1. Jessettery says:

    Interesting review, i saw that brush on ebay and i though to give it a try but i decided to look for reviews just to see what i would be buying hehe.
    Thanks for the info

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