First Latherati Purchase: Beguile, The Cobb & Orchard

Latherati Soap Foundry was something I found while blogsurfing on Indie companies. It’s a book-inspired Bath & Body shop which would pique the interest of any book lover 🙂 Its items can be purchased on etsy.

Small Latherati Purchase

My order was made on 17 May and the items were marked shipped on 23 May, 6 days later. Still pretty ok by my standards for an etsy seller, since it also spanned a weekend. Afterall, these are not mass produced items and most run on solo manpower 😛

International shipping quoted was USD$6; actual postage USD$4.15. Which is still reasonable by my standards for a small handling fee of $1.85 for packaging and others. From the US (NY) to Singapore, it was an 8-day wait, pretty fair too.

Well packaged

The items were well packaged, with my perfume roll-on and solid perfume tin wrapped in red paper. Beguile Lip Glossary, Tara soap & Blossom samples were in the plastic baggie, along with Latherati’s business card. No spillage was found and the envelope was pretty well scented by the stuff within. I particularly fancy the generous free samples of a slice of Tara Soap and Blossom solid perfume (or any perfume :D).

My Purchases

These 3 items were what I actually paid for, with Beguile and Orchard marked down by 40% on clearance. Ingredients are found on all full sized items. The labels are all book/library-inspired, on the antiquated side hehe. I like them.

Ingredients on FS items listed

Beguile Lavender Mint Lip Glossary (uncoloured lipbalm) was purchased at USD$2.40

THE FLAVOR: lavender mint

THE INSPIRATION: The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

THE QUOTE: “I am a Boleyn, that’s not a small thing to be, and my mother was born a Howard, that’s to be one of the greatest families in the country. I’m a Howard girl, a Boleyn girl.” – The Other Boleyn Girl

THE INGREDIENTS: a moisturizing blend of coconut, castor & avocado oils, mango butter, vitamin e, lavender & spearmint essential oils, beeswax.

Listing is for one .15 oz. tube.

(My thoughts: This smells more mint than lavender with a distinctive scent, though not unpleasant. I like the oval tube. I’ve not used this so I can’t comment on the glide/moisture factor but it does look very smooth in the tube)

Orchard Solid Perfume came in a 0.5oz screw on tin with a marked down price of USD$4.20

THE SCENT: Orchard – Crisp apples at their peak in the Fall with notes of almond and cinnamon, subtle floral touches and a hint of vanilla blended with the salty air of the Maine coast

THE INSPIRATION: Cider House Rules by John Irving

THE QUOTE: “The coastal winds gave the brittle orchard such a shaking that the clashing trees resembled frozen soldiers in all postures of saber-rattling.”, Cider House Rules

THE INGREDIENTS: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, beeswax, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, fragrance

Listing is for one .5 oz tin

(My thoughts: Upon opening and whiffing the contents in the tin, the cinnamon is pretty overpowering. In fact, I don’t smell anything but cinnamon. But I do appreciate the screw lid on the tin, which I much prefer to those that sit on and can be pulled off easily. With a screw lid, this will never open by accident in the purse and even greasy fingers have an easy time opening it.)

The Cobb is a 9ml roll-on perfume at USD$7

THE SCENT: The Cobb – A blend of marine, ozone & sea spray with whispers of jasmine, freesia, lily, citrus and wood grounded by the slightest hint of musk – very clean, fresh and invigorating!

THE INSPIRATION: Persuasion by Jane Austen

THE QUOTE: “…the Cobb itself, its old wonders and new improvements, with the very beautiful line of cliffs stretching out to the east of the town…” Persuasion

THE INGREDIENTS: cyclomethicone, fragrance

(My thoughts: I’ve not tried a straight cyclomethicone + fragrance scent before so I thought The Cobb might be something that would be universally liked. This is currently on my left wrist and the cyclomethicone did evaporate fairly quickly, leaving a scent behind. The initial scent is very varied with what seems like a juxtaposition of light and breezy florals as its top notes. This then mutes down in 10 minutes to a generic marine sea scent. But after about another quarter hour, the notes started developing more and I’m actually getting more depth and strength to the perfume, with the wood and musk coming through the marine scent and just a slightest hint of the florals behind that. Certainly clean & fresh and imo, pretty unisex. Definitely bath shower/gel worthy too.)

Free samples:

Tara Soap – Tara’s described as plantation cotton, lemon balm, a hint of spearmint and lovely southern magnolias. It’s subtle and clean and fresh.

(My thoughts: I’ve only sniffed this and I do smell the spearmint coming through, not too overtly. I’m not quite sure what plantation cotton & magnolias smell like, but I do get a creamy scent behind the spearmint and this is a sample I’d definitely use in the shower. Can’t wait)

Blossom Solid Perfume – Described as a garden of lilacs, jasmine, roses and more, mingled with fresh green leaf notes.

(My thoughts: This is currently dabbed on my right wrist. I was expecting this to be a somewhat strong floral scent, because of the rose and jasmine. But to my very pleasant surprise, not at all! This is very light and I do get lilacs and very faint jasmine with probably the leaf notes, but not a smidge of rose. Which is a good thing, since I don’t like overpowering rose scents. This actually went on stronger than The Cobb Perfume Oil when applied, but has mellowed down to very soft and indistinguishable notes. A floral scent that’s “politically correct” for daytime and office wear. While I probably won’t purchase this as a perfume, I’d consider Blossom scented shower stuff.)

The scents that I’ve tried on my wrists:
The Cobb & Blossom are pretty decent scents that’re not straight, single notes and they’ve got me wanting to keep sniffing them. I’m also currently testing out Orchard on my wrist after taking a shower.

After 4 hours of wear, Blossom (solid perfume) has muted down but is still present with a subtle, fresh, floral scent. The Cobb (roll-on) is much fainter than Blossom, barely perceptible, with only the marine notes remaining. Orchard unfolded slightly upon application to reveal a hint of almond and maybe the barest bit of apples. But the cinnamon is still the strongest note, which softens after 10 minutes or so.

I’d say both the solid & liquid roll-on last about the same time on me, just under 5 hours. You’d ideally want to re-apply this every 3 – 4 hours or so to refresh the scent.

I’ve actually made a 2nd purchase before I received this package, to seize the “20% off” that I’ve posted about here.

Rating out of 10 (Solid Perfume)

Price: 8 (Usual price of USD$7, which is about average on etsy for solid perfumes.)
Quality: 8 (The solid perfume’s texture is firm enough without being mushy or too hard to get some on the finger tips. It moisturises the pulse point well and the scent does hold upon application. It lasts slightly over 4 hours on me, which is also average as such non-alcohol scents go.)
Packaging: 7 (I like the screw-on tin, but tubes are really my favourite.)
Ease of usage: 10
Overall score: 8.3

Rating out of 10 (Roll-on liquid perfume)

Price: 8 (Usual price of USD$7, which is about average on etsy for roll-on perfumes.)
Quality: 7.5 (Probably a psychological barrier here, but I feel that carrier oils are better for my skin than straight cyclomethicone + fragrance. I do find the solid perfumes to retain their original notes longer than this cyclomethicone liquid perfume, but this may vary from scent to scent)
Packaging: 10
Ease of usage: 10
Overall score: 8.9
~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~

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