2nd Petite Threla Purchase: Jasmine & Hot Chocolate Lipbalm

Here’s my 2nd purchase of more lipbalms & lip glacés from Petite Threla in less than a month 😀

Can you see I’m all set for lipbalms for the next 2 years or so? TH threw in 2 GWP lipbalms too!

Whooooohooooooooooooo Lipstuff Galore!

I’ve done a more detailed review of my first purchase here https://lipglossfiend.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/petite-threla-etsy-purchases/
so I’ll just jump straight into Jasmine & Hot Chocolate lipbalms, 2 flavours I’ve never tried lipbalms of from any brands before.

Jasmine & Hot Chocolate

Jasmine comes in the standard round tube or 0.15 oz and is uncoloured. Available at USD$3 here
Hot Chocolate is housed in a recyclable 0.25 oz tin and is coloured a caramel chocolate brown. Available at USD$3.50 here

Great ingredients with no unnecessary fillers

Texture-wise, both balms are slightly on the harder side, which is perfect for Singapore’s weather. But I have no problems applying them on my lips, which they do smoothly. Both go on without colour on the lips, even Hot Chocolate, despite the brown in the tin. They’re both low sheen, not really a glossy finish, making this a good unisex option as a gift.

Scent-wise, Jasmine is absolutely LOVELY. It smells true, just like jasmine tea freshly brewed. I absolutely love this and would fancy a  tinted lip glacé in Jasmine. I can just imagine Jasmine being a purple. Awesome. Made with Jasmine Sambac added.

Hot Chocolate doesn’t quite smell like its namesake, but more of a sweet caramel/vanilla chocolate scent, with the caramel overpowering the chocolate.. It’s not unpleasant, but just not quite the rich hot chocolate I used to drink in Germany (heisse Schoko! Jedes mal, jederzeit!). It has cocoa powder in its ingredients too. Hot Chocolate looks slightly dry in the photo, but once warmed up with my finger tip on it, it looks more moist.

This would be my perfect signature perfume 😛

Here’s another photo for a scent inspiration – Jasmine Earl Grey. I just slathered both of them on my lips and while I can’t quite smell the scent, I can imagine they’d go pretty well together. In fact, this has inspired me to go hunting for some fragrance oils to concoct my own Jasmine Earl Grey scent.

~*Items reviewed above purchased by me*~


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