SK II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation in 420

Before I came across mineral foundation, I used to purchase normal drugstore and counter foundations like Dior. But after discovering mineral foundation about 3 years ago, everything else got chucked out. Especially with Silk Naturals’ DIY foundation which I could match to my skintones that vary between medium (currently) – tan – very tanned (post-dive trip).

Until the continuous SK II advertisements on TV and magazines got to me. Somewhat. I couldn’t resist the initial positive reviews in the forums and online, which resulted in me making my first counter label purchase in 3 years – the SK II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation. This also happens to be my priciest foundation to-date.

Miracle in a jar?

This retails at a hefty SGD$109 in the stores in town and about 20 – 30% less at the airport at the duty free zone. A quick Google also tells me that this retails at USD$95 at Bloomingdales ( Eeks. Pricey. Much. For a 25g in content?

I was just sold on the idea of a skincare in makeup concept. With more skincare than makeup, since the Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate is listed as the first ingredient.

This is what Bloomingdales has to say about the SK II foundation:

NEW SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation brings you beautiful skin through the effects of Pitera™, providing even coverage and a radiant finish in a cream foundation.

A single application of this new foundation in the morning creates a radiant, translucent look which lasts through the day’s activities, and helps skin stay moisturized and supple avoiding the ‘heavy’ look of some foundations. Luxurious texture like that of a skincare cream.

English translation & ingredients

This comes with the standard Japanese mini leaflet, the English translation and ingredients, as well as a small plastic spatula for hygienic scooping of the foundation from the heavy frosted glass jar. Yes, a glass jar again!

While this does contain silicones and a lot of other chemical laden ingredients, unlike the silicone foundations that I sampled of yesteryear, this is a very light version. I don’t know how SK II does it but I don’t feel as if I’m wearing foundation or having anything clogging at all on my skin. Really. Must be the Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate working on my skin 😉 – which is what SK II calls their Pitera Essence.

5 dots

This is how the Japanese apply their foundation or are advised to. I do it differently since I use a brush.

Stylised lid

This also offers SPF 20, PA ++ protection. Which in Singapore is insufficient. Please use a proper sunscreen under this.

Scented with Pitera

If you have used SK II’s Pitera products, this has the same Pitera scent. Rice Ferment 😛 It’s very light and isn’t detectable on the face. I purchased this in December 2010 and inbetween my frequent foundation rotations, this has certainly seen some usage.

Duo Fibre Stipplers, the way to go!

I have tried using a sponge (wasteful, as it absorbs too much of the pricey foundation), finger tips (pass) and duo fibre stippler brushes. My favourite tool of application for this foundation has to be the latter. They stipple on very well giving a nice, flawless coverage. I even have a retractable duo fibre stippler brush which I use to reapply more SK II foundation on my oily spots which get worn off quickly.

While this comes with a spatula, I still don’t fancy the idea of opening the frosted glass jar that frequently. I decant a bit of the foundation into the small black and white thick plastic jar you see in the photo. Mucho more sanitary imo.

A little goes a looooooong way

For this foundation, less is really MORE. The dab you see on the back of my hand is really more than enough for 1/2 the face. This goes on very smoothly, filling in pores and leaves a rather dewy radiant finish on my hand. This works the same on my face. While I don’t use a primer with this, if you do have normal-oily combination skin, a finishing powder is a MUST. This can see me through about 5 hours of wear before I need to touch up on my oily spots with more foundation for coverage.

This is a foundaion I highly recommend for drier climates as it is very moisturising and does not dry the skin out. However, for Singapore’s tropical climate and the current hot spell we have, I’ve not been using this that much, unless I know I’m just going to be out for a short 3 – 5 hours or so. 1 thin layer gives me a fewy tinted moisturiser finish on the sheer side and 2 layers gives a light-medium coverage. Concealer is necessary if you have blemishes, spots to conceal. However, that almost “no-foundation” translucent look is worth it. If you’re looking at something with a longer lasting wear-time, the SK II Cellumination Essence in Foundation is a better option.

The SK II Treatment Essence Foundation in 420 goes on a little light on my NC 20 – 25 skin, but warms up very quickly to match my tone and brightens my complexion too. I did test out 440 which is about a shade darker, but it was more “beige” than 420. To me, 420 was a better and brighter option. There is virtually no oxidisation that I can see at the end of the day.

While this is pricey indeed, but if you have drier skin, don’t like a made-up look and are looking for a high quality “skincare/foundation” item, this is certainly a good buy at the Duty Free Shops. But not at town price at full retail.

Rating out of 10
Price: 7 (quite the deterrent, although SK II markets itself as a premium brand thus the average rating. Otherwise it’d be lower)
Quality: 9 (just a point off for the lack of oil control, otherwise that translucent dewy finish is TDF)
Packaging: 7 (plain unsanitary if you don’t sanitise your spatula or dip your fingers into that heavy glass jar. A glass pump would be much better and at this price, couldn’t a better packaging be devised?)
Ease of usage: 10 (works well with almost anything)
Overall score: 8.3
For our local hot tropical climate, I’d rather repurchase the SK II Cellumination Essence in Foundation than the Facial Treatment Cream Foundation.
~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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