FOTD/ LOTD: Keeping it light & natural

Here’s what I had on on this sweltering hot Saturday. Keeping it really light and simple.

Devita SPF30+ Facial Solar Protective Moisturizer
SK-II Cellumination Essence in Foundation in 420
Sephora Lasting and Perfecting Corrector (Concealer) in 02
L’oreal Touche Magique Concealer in Natural Beige
Lucy Minerals’ Finishing Powder in OCC
Everyday Minerals’ Snooze Bar blush

NYX Nude Single Eyeshadow

Petite Threla SPF15 Watermelon Lip Glace
Darling Girl Cosmetics’ Rolling in the Deep Holo-Gloss in 02 formula

(Note: that’s a hair velcro pad to keep stray strands of hair off the face. But no, I didn’t head out with that stuck in my hair 😀 Although I did. Once.)

I do side shots like that sometimes to check for foundation/neck colour match. The foundation used isn’t quite as yellow as my neck but it doesn’t look too off in person and does give the face a more radiant and brighter look. Although a more yellow-toned finishing powder might have been better.

Petite Threla Watermelon + Darling Girl Rolling in the Deep

How awesome do Petite Threla’s Watermelon Lip Glace & Darling Girl’s Rolling in the Deep  Holo-Gloss look together? Watermelon as a base for some natural light red and SPF protection, topped off with Rolling the Deep to amp up the shade and impart a luscious, lovely sheen to the lips.

They can be purchased at &

See the glitter now?

Rolling in the Deep has some red shimmers which you can see better with the camera flash used.


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