Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul & Swatches Part 2

Here’s a continuation of my most recent purchase from Darling Girl Cosmetics, focusing on the eyeshadows and blush sample. Part 1 on the liquid and holo glosses can be found here.

Hier haben wir einige Lidschatten, die ich von Darling Girl Cosmetics neulich gekauft habe.

Darling Girl Lidschatten

I particularly like how the ingredients are listed on the labels at the bottom of the jars, including the collection they’re from. For example, Innocence & Snuggle are from the “Naughty & Nice” collection. Violetta was the GWP of the week which is given for purchases USD$10 & above.

Snuggle, Innocence & Liberty were full sized jars that retail at a very affordable USD$4 each. 5g jars, about 3/4 tsps each.

Daylight Indoors Swatches

Die zwei Lidschatten die oben stehen, mag ich am meistens 😉

Natural light indoors

These were swatched with a sponge tip applicator on bare skin. Over primers, these colours really POP, if you like them so.

I simply love the finish on Innocence and Snuggle. They have the right satin, non-glittery finish that I really love.

camera flash

Innocence – DG: Innocence is a slightly coppery peach with a satin finish.

This fits Innocence to a T and the peach really shows up when Innocence is used over a primer or base. I actually prefer Innocence as it is swatched on bare skin.

Snuggle – Snuggle is sheer golden beige with a gold sheen. This is more of a satin finish.

Snuggle leans cool and, well, I’m not sure if beige is the right description. It looks like a light taupe to me and I LOVE IT! Had this on my eyes today. Awesome subtle finish too.

Liberty –  Liberty ♄ Another great neutral staple for your collection. I like to use this a one color wash for those busy days when I don’t have time for much else. It is a light golden tan luster. It’s not really shimmery but has a nice iridescence to it. NOT Vegan. NOT Lip Safe.

I must admit I’m kind of disappointed with Liberty. I was expecting a lighter and cooler shade than what you see swatched on my skin. It looks very close to several similar colours I have from other brands. A good staple to have if you like neutrals but well, I was looking for something else.


A Horse with No Name and Fantasia blush were the samples I’d ordered. As Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics includes 2 free samples with each purchase, I requested My Little Pony & April Love.

Samples are cheap as peas at just $0.60 for 1/8 tsp. Enough for more than a handful of uses!

Swatched on bare skin

Taken with camera flash to show up the eyeshadow finish

Indoors Natural Light

A Horse With No Name – The inspiration for All The Pretty Little Horses came from one of my customers. She sent me all these beautiful “inspiration” pictures and my imagination took over. I doubt I did the beauty of these gorgeous any justice, but it was a fun collection nonetheless.

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
La, la …

A Horse With No Name is a lovely neutral to add to your collection. It’s a slightly warm tan with a slight coppery sheen and a low luster finish.

A Horse With No Name surprised me, in a good way. If I could, I’d have ordered this in a full size jar instead of Liberty. I really like the finish, although I’d like it more if a similar shade was made, but with cool undertones 🙂

Fantasia is my first blush sample from DG and this is what DG says:

Fantasia – Fantasia ♄ Is a kind of a neat color because it has a slight duochrome finish. It’s a gorgeous peachy shade with a very subtle violet shift. This is what I would call a satin finish. The pic looks shimmery but it’s just the violet duochrome. It’s more of a sheen. Just and FYI for the wary the violet and peach combine to look kind of rosy…gives it just a touch more pink.

If you are warm to neutral you should at least get a sample. I get such a fresh faced look with this blush. 🙂

It’s a shade that you have to see in person, as the violet shift can’t quite get captured on photo. It’s neither flat matte nor shiny and yes, this does make you look fresh faced. Fantasia for me was really easy to apply as it’s not overly pigmented nor was it exactly sheer. I like it 🙂

April Love – April Love is a custom color I did for one of my lovely blogger friends. She asked me to make a color that reminded me of Spring and the first thing that comes to mind is the lovely smell of lilac’s in the air. With that for inspiration April Love is a beautiful lilac purple with subtle flecks of silver and blue shift, at first glance, but get it close to a light source and you will see a shift change to a vibrant violet.

This is a lovely, cool and frosty shade that I really like. Can’t wait to try it out. I personally don’t find the shimmer/flecks OTT. Lovely. Just lovely, really.

I saved My Little Pony for the last because it’s my favourite out of these 4 swatches.

My Little Pony –  The inspiration for All The Pretty Little Horses came from one of my customers. She sent me all these beautiful “inspiration” pictures and my imagination took over. I doubt I did the beauty of these gorgeous any justice, but it was a fun collection nonetheless.

I couldn’t do this collection without My Little Pony 🙂 This is a color morphing shade. At first glance it looks like a pale pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color. I love this a lid wash with some black liner. Simple and pretty. Try this over a dark base for a little extra POP! NOT Lip Safe

Get this. This is awesome and dare I even say, very Fyrinnae-worthy? It reminds me of Meerkat/Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat in terms of the colour shift and shade. Not identical, but notes of them. My Little Pony’s green shift is seriously awesome when the light hits in.

Up Close & Personal with My Little Pony

My Little Pony looks pretty subtle when swatched on bare skin, but see how it fares foiled over a good eyeshadow base like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy below.

Eye-popping shade over a base

Is this awesome or what? Looks more like Fyrinnae’s Meerkat, yes? Wunderschoen, oder?

Personally, I’d wear April Love & My Little Pony unfoiled, as I don’t like dark and intense shades. But they’d be a lot of fun to foil on the back of my hand, just to see the colours pop 😀

DG might be coming up with a sale or special offer soon, so keep your eyes on the site!

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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