Mysterious Underwater Cavern Photo

If you’re wondering why I’m spending so much time taking photos of … well… this and that makeup/skincare/bath & body item, it’s because I’m bored on land and deprived. Of underwater photography.

I’m not a trigger happy person, though I prefer being behind the camera than standing afore it. However, in tandem with one of my favourite hobbies – scuba diving – came underwater photography. This really started off when I got more interested in diving and the wide variety of critters and colours you’d see in a single dive alone. Yes, fish, crustaceans, slugs, corals and a whole lot more, to put it simply. I was handed a camera with an underwater casing during one dive by a friend, found it not too difficult to use (or so I thought) and then proceeded to get a Minolta underwater casing for my then-Konica Minolta X 50 camera.

Somehow, along the way, with the realisation of the limitations of a camera underwater and the shortage of light, came along the underwater flash (called a strobe). Then bars, arms and handles for the set up for easy adjustability of lighting underwater. Then came the floods and malfunctions 😦 More $ spent on a then-new Canon Powershot A710 (touted as the Poorman’s G7 or in my case, poor girl’s ;)), another housing. Yet another Canon housing when the first flooded. Then I realised, what the heck, just spend the darn money on a decent hard acrylic Ikelite housing depth rated to 60 m and quite virtually indestructible. Then a backup camera from the 2nd hand market (which I proceeded to flood last year). Then 2 underwater macro lenses because I love closeup shots of small critters. Then came the realisation. I’m spending way too much, too much on underwater camera gear!  Which made me shelf my plans for an underwater DSLR setup. The housing alone would cost more than the DSLR camera body itself. Not forgetting all the lenses and then new underwater strobes would be required for a more powerful throw of light. A travel case. Sigh. The list would never stop and the amount could probably pay for a Galapagos yacht dive trip.

Anyway, here’s a shot from my last dive trip at Gorontalo, which has been requested by the dive operator to be displayed at their booth during the upcoming dive exhibition called MIDE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Which I thought I’d share along here too.

Yunis posing outside the cave

That’s Yunis the local divemaster right outside the cave and posing with my mini Aunoc underwater torch 😀 He’s been diving with so many professional photographers, he’s learnt the best spots, angles and poses to choreograph and direct these shots, while I stayed inside the cave to take a shot of this. Unfortunately, my very amateur and basic setup could not do much justice to the very many great underwater photographic opportunities that he spotted. But this one probably isn’t too shabby, if you aren’t too picky.

Manual mode with my Canon Powershot A710 in Ikelite housing. Camera flash & external strobe off. Increased shadows and added a watermark using Picassa free software and that was it 🙂 Though if you’re a hardcore editor, you’d want to remove the small fish swarming around Yunis and probably crop the photo to some desirable ratio. But I see perfection in imperfection, so c’est ca!

~*Photograph posted in this entry was taken and is owned by me. Please do not reproduce/steal/repost in ANY FORM*~

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