Etsy/ Heartsy Purchase: Bungalow Bath & Body Products

This is what I got with my US$10 for US$35 in credit (VIP extra $10) from Bungalow Bath & Body Products on etsy. Thanks to Heartsy 😀

Plumeria Moisturising Body Spray 4 oz
Ocean Mist Whipped Sugar Scrub Soap 2 oz (custom)
A Day At The Spa Whipped Sugar Scrub Soap 2 oz
Lemongrass Sage Whipped Soap 2 oz (custom)
A Day At The Spa Whipped Soap 2 oz
Sandy Beach Whipped Salt Scrub 2 oz (custom)

Total: USD$27.20

Jen the owner is lovely and so speedy with her convos. I had spotted Ocean Mist, Lemongrass Sage & Sandy Beach Salt in the Soaps category. But I’m not keen on using bar soaps, not forgetting the pricier international shipping for them too. After convo-ing with Jen, she said that she could get the scents made in whipped soap/scrub & lotion form. Hurray! 😀

International shipping was USD$11, so I’d need to top up an extra USD$3.20 or so. Which really means I’m paying USD$13.20 for the 6 products which works out to USD$2.20 for each. Inclusive of international shipping!

I (Heart) Heartsy =) and so would you!

Can’t wait to get reminded of some good ol’ tropical beach, sand and sea scents. In case you’re wondering why I’ve changed the header and background to my own photos of the beach and ocean.


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