Budget Buys: SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights Pencils

Silkygirl is a common and lower-end drugstore label found here in Singapore, Malaysia and probably several other regional countries. I was never a fan of drugstore labels, having had tonnes of makeup from my younger days that never quite suited me.

Until a pal introduced me to Silkgirl Funky Eyelights Pencil. She even pointed out to me that they were Made in Germany. I went huh??? *impressed*

According to several blogs online, Silkygirl is the Asian version of “Wet ‘n’ Wild” so the pricepoint of SGD$8.90 at Watson’s shouldn’t be any surprise. Which is great.

These pencils definitely supersede their pricepoints and expectations. Count me impressed 🙂

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

My selection of Olive Green, Metallic Bronze & Frosty Silver

Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencils are available in 9 shades (http://www.silkycosmetics.com/eyeliner%20B.html). Shades in bold are what I have purchased and featured in this review.

01 Olive Green
02 Ocean Blue
03 Sky Blue
04 Pure Purple
05 Candy Pink
06 Metallic Bronze
07 Solid Gold
08 Frosty Silver
09 Lime Green

Net Weight: 1.2g

Metallic Bronze

I particularly like how the manufacturing date is also stamped on the pencils.

Metallic bronze is a warm bronze-brown shade that many would like.

Frosty the snowman? No, it's silver.

Frosty Silver describes it to a “T”. This is a fantastic shade, both to use as a base eyeshadow or for that smokey eye.

Olive Green

Olive Green for me is the clear winner and the one I reach for the most. It’s great with dark brown Asian eyes and leans slightly but not wholly cool, which contrasts very well with the brown eyes. My favourite out of the 3 🙂

Freshly sharpened 🙂

I find the tips to be slightly firmer than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, which is a good thing. Sharpening was a breeze and they will fit into any standard sized sharpener. While they are slightly firmer than the UD 24/7s, these do not tug and have good payoff even with a single stroke, though you might want to build up more if you have oily lids like me.


The top 3 lines were drawn just once across my hand. The bottom 3 were drawn over several times to show how much bolder they can get.

While these are not waterproof and will not last on the waterline, they do stay put once set and are probably budge-free for up to 4 – 5 hours before fading sets in. Which is decent enough. A steal at SGD$8.90 each, especially with 20% off, really.

Rating out of 10
Price: 9
Quality: 8
Packaging: 9
Ease of usage: 9
Overall score: 8.8
*Items reviewed purchased by me*

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