Abbamart’s New Brush Release May 2011

My favourite brush store has released several new brushes in May 2011. Just in time for a group buy 😛

Here’re a few that caught my eye and I particularly fancy.

(All photos below taken off

Fluffy Blending Brush

The Fluffy Blending Brush retails at just… USD$2.00. White goat hair. Looks like a MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush dupe candidate to me 🙂

Flat Top Powder Brush

The Flat Top Powder Brush at USD$3.60 is priced well. Made from Goat Hair. It doesn’t come in a synthetic version at the moment. Otherwise this would go into my cart too.

Precision Crease Brush

The Precision Crease Brush at US$1.50 looks like a possible MAC 219 Pencil brush dupe to me too. Dupe or not, I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time. I do hope it’s small enough for my small Asian eye. This has my name on it. x 2. Goat Hair.

White Goat Eye Shadow Brush

Simply titled White Goat Eye Shadow Brush at USD$2.20, this might be a possible MAC 217 Blending Brush dupe.

Eye Highlight Brush

The Eye Highlighting Brush at USD$2.20 from Goat Hair might also be a possible dupe candidate for the MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush. I do suspect that the Abbamart brush head might be slightly larger than the MAC 239.

White Sheep Chubby Contour Brush

I find the White Sheep Chubby Contour Brush very cute 🙂 Partly the name and also the shape. USD$5.50 and the white/brown goat hair & toray USD$4.80 synthetic bristled versions are available.

There is also a smaller head size called the White Sheep Face Highlighting Brush at USD$4.70.

Planning your next Abbamart purchase yet? 🙂


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