LOTD: Silk Naturals’ Dixie Lip Stain + Raindrops on Roses Kisser Slicker Lipgloss

Here’s another LOTD for bold, warm red lips with some shimmer (can you tell how much fun I’m having with the Dixie lip stain from Silk Naturals?) .

Dixie + Raindrops on Roses

Here’s Dixie http://host.silknaturals.com/creb/dixie-peach-stain-p-1284.html (described as a peach – red lip stain) and Raindrops on Roses Kisser Slicker Lipgloss http://host.silknaturals.com/creb/raindrops-roses-shimmering-rose-p-614.html (shimmery slightly sheer pink rose with hints of gold glitter).

RoR gives more depth to 2 coats of Dixie and plays down the warmth of the latter by a notch.

Dixie peeled

I’ve taken a leaf out of LT16’s book to peel the silver SN label off Dixie. It makes Dixie look so. much. yummier.

Here’s a link to how it used to look (https://lipglossfiend.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/all-about-lips-silk-naturals-dixie-lip-stain/)

Sponge tip & slimline tube

Sorry for the gross shot of Raindrops on Roses, but that’s a colour I’m trying my best to finish up.


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