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Thanks (or no thanks from my bank a/c) to a local forum, we discovered Abbamart sometime end last year. While this particular Abbamart is based in the US, they are also found in Korea, Japan, Thailand, China etc.

If you’re on the lookout for great duo fibre or fiber stippling brushes that do not bleed nor shed, look no further. The search stops right here. They’re available in a mix of goat and synthetic hair, in S, M, L, short and long handled, retractable forms and even a short tufted small one for cream products. Oh and how could I leave out the kabuki versions?

Have I confused or tempted you yet? 😀

The best part? These duo fibre brushes are all well under USD$10.

I’d posted several short reviews with photos on the local forum and thought I’d just reproduce them here. I’ve also organised group buys several times off Abbamart.

Other than natural hair bristles, Abbamart also carries a synthetic range of brushes using synthetic bristles known as “Toray”.

The photos and comments below were from the first purchase.

Brush Comparison

Comments – dense hairs that’re not too soft and floppy. Ladies with smaller or normal sized faces will most likely prefer the small size for blusher. M is a tad larger than EDM’s baby buki, because of the splayed hairs @ the edges. L is about the same size (but denser) than Lumiere’s duo fibre 2010 brush (pink & black bristles) and way denser than Lumiere’s 2009 black and white one. They look decent and are much better make & quality than Crown Brush’s stippling brushes when I purchased them in 2008. Retractable casings look sturdy.

Eyeshadow Brushes


Comments – Bubinga handle is GORGEOUS but they tend to be longer in general compared to the beige & black handles. The angled ES crease brush (black) is very firm to the touch and hair is densely packed. The Bubinga Natural Round ES brush comes to a bluntly tapered point and is softer to the touch. Both seem pretty well made, except that the brush heads are somewhat big for me from the looks of it (since my eyes are smaller than Lucy Liu’s.) That’s my fat pinkie in the photo as a size gauge.

Face & Powder Brushes
Was very happy to discover that the Bubinga Natural Fan Brush had very firm toray bristles, was expecting “natural” hair from the description. The toray bristles on this are thicker and way firmer than on their powder / blusher brushes. Love the cute brush head sleeve it comes in. Might pick up another in the next purchase. To be used to sweep away excess powder, as it’s too big to apply blusher (which I read some ppl do).
Angled Toray Blusher Brush is quite dense and slightly tapered. Good for lightly pigmented/ sheer blushers. The Bubinga Toray Angle Powder brush which I bought intending it for blusher as well is much floppier and softer, with a smaller head.

The Powder Toray XL Short Handle brush unfortunately is smaller than what I had expected. Was hoping for one comparable to Ecotools’ Bamboo Powder Brush, but it’s quite somewhat smaller. Similar in brush head size to the ELF Complexion Brush – but has better cut bristles and shape.
The head-on view shows how much fluffier and larger the Ecotools is. for FP application.

The brushes are Made in China, but for the price, based on what I have, excellent quality
All brushes were individually packed in thin plastic sheets, but not every brush type has a thick plastic sleeve for the brush head.

*Takes a deep breath. Moving on to the purchases from the 2nd Groupbuy*

Larger Brushes


Big@ss Toray Body kabuki (very dense and soft, sheer joy to brush on your skin). I’ve been using it to apply the Silk Naturals sheer zinc FP on my face, neck and decollete with quick broad strokes.

Beside the gargantuan body kabuki stand the 2 cute Duo Fibre kabukis in S & L. Ok, there’s really not much of a diff between S & L. Both are equally dense imho except L’s bristles are slightly longer and with the ferrule being larger, so is the brush size.

Duo Fibre Kabuki? That’s a first for me!

 These have been a joy to me in buffing foundation on. It distributes the powder into my acne scars/pock marks quite well. Bristles are reasonable soft and don’t irritate the skin. However, my first few washes of the duo fibre kabuki did yield a few shedded hairs, but they get much better after a while. The normal handled duo fibre stipplers didn’t shed. I guess it has to do with the ferrule size of the kabukis being so short.

Here’s a comparison of the DF Kabuki (S) and the DF Brush with normal handle (L). The angle of the photo doesn’t quite show it, but the (L) is actually slightly smaller than the (S). The kabuki is also slightly denser than the other.

From top to bottom – double ended eyeshadow brush with natural hair. One pointy end and the other a fluffier brush. No dye bleed. Very soft. Will definitely see usage.
Followed by the rounded crease Bubinga Toray ES brush. Dense and firm. Pointed end is helpful especially for the outer Vee of the eye imho.
At the bottom’s the new Narrow Precision Concealer brush. It’s a good size for blemish/spot concealing (will get more in my next purchase USD$1.60).
This is the Bubinga Goat hair powder brush L (too lazy to check the exact name) that I won in one of Abbamart’s Pink Star contests It’s very dense and fluffy. Much larger than the Toray XL powder brush. It wasn’t so fluffy before washing though. IIRC it’s retailing at USD$9.80. The dye does bleed and there’s quite a bit of shedding initially. However, the hair is very soft and doesn’t feel scratchy at all (which animal hair sometimes can be). It disperses powder very, very well. Sometimes, a synthetic brush just can’t do that well enough owing to the difference in hairs. Porous natural hair really helps with the dispersion, compared to non-porous synthetic bristles.

In summary, these brushes are great value for money for most of them. Lana, the owner of Abbamart is a joy to deal and liaise with too. Shipping has always been prompt and there are rather regular promotions, such as a GWP or small discount, so do keep a lookout. If you are a US buyer, there is free domestic shipping for USD$50 of purchases & above. For international buyers, fret not. It’s free for USD$100 and above too.

Other than brushes, holders, makeup bags and sets, Abbamart also stocks a small range of jewellery, leather bags, skin and haircare items etc. Quite a selection to choose from. So do take your time to peruse the site 🙂

Abbamart Brushes (in general)
Rating out of 10
Price: 8.5
Quality: 8.5
Packaging: 7 (no frills budget workhorse brushes, so fancy packaging here. I’d actually like to see brush guard-like bristle holders for the cheek and powder brushes to protect their bristles)
Ease of usage: 9 (ideal for beginners and intermediate users, good place to pick up basic staples as well)Overall score: 8.3

~*All items reviewed purchased by me. Photos are also my property. Please do not steal/reproduce/linkback/copy without asking for permission FIRST AND being granted that*~


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2 Responses to Affordable Makeup Brushes – Abbamart

  1. amarock says:

    I know this is an older post, but I just want to say thank you for posting this in-depth review of the brushes from Abbamart! I stumbled across them on ebay and their brush collection looked really good, but I had no clue what “Toray” bristles were. So google led me here and not only did I find out that Toray was, I got a great overview of Abbamart’s brushes! Plus, now I know they have a website that I can order from and not go through ebay (the prices on their site is a lot better than on ebay too). Thanks!

    • Ah yes, I did surf and compare between Ebay and their site prices. I’m guessing Ebay’s fees made it necessary for them to sell at higher prices to cover the base price. Their brushes are good and the toray range is decent. There’s a 50% off their Bubinga range right now, which sweetens the deal further!

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