The Body Shop Delipscious Lip Colour 09 Pomegranate

While window shopping at my neighbourhood mall, I remembered that I had a $10 credit on my The Body Shop card to use. Whilst checking out the stuff at the (overpriced in Singapore) store, I stumbled across something right up my alley.

New lip colours made from 100% food grade ingredients!

It’s called The Body Shop Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour. The ingredients were on the shrinkwrap (which has since been chucked in my eagerness to try them on). There were 8 colours available, although the one I bought is 09(?) Pomegranate.

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Even the aluminium-like cover is 100% recycled material

The Body Shop says:
Infused with blueberry and pomegranate fruit seed oils, Delipscious conditions while it delivers a sheer, lasting color with a heavenly flavor. All of the natural food flavors are 100% vegetarian and 200% delicious.

This retails at SGD$19.90 (which I paid $9.90 for, since I had a $10 credit). 

09 Pomegranate

Made in the UK, a quick google check shows that this line was released elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere in Spring/Summer 2010. Bah. Kinda slow in Singapore, don’t you think?

Nice glossy shine

At 0.07 oz in a slimline tube, this puts it at the same quantity as Burts Bees’ slimlines or even Silk Naturals’ slimline tubes. Not a lot of product.

Yummy red pomegranates

The lip colours are all fragranced with a sweet fruity candy scent. Pretty generic. Pomegranate is a neutral or slightly warm reddish shade that can go on sheer (top swatch) or heavier for better colour payoff (bottom swatch).

It does have a nice glossy shine, goes on with a smooth, waxy glide and is lightly moisturising, though not as moisturising as Silk Naturals. Like most of these sheer lip colours, they don’t exactly last through a meal, so constant re-application is required. Whilst it is scented, there is no taste to it.

Other shades available in Singapore are:

01 Sheer Lychee (light nude-brown)
02 Sheer Toffee (brown)
03 Sheer Watermelon (lovely peach shade that I might pick up if there’s a good promotion or sale)
04 Sheer Candy (light baby pink)
05 Sheer Elderberry
07 Sheer Raspberry (darker pink)
08 Sheer Saffron (very brown)
09 Pomegranate (light neutral red)

The Body Shop Singapore also has Delipscious Tinted Lip Balms in fat tubes, available in 4 colours at SGD$16.90

Let’s just say… if I didn’t discover lip products from American Indie companies first, I’d have thought Delipscious was Fantastic. Given the limited natural alternatives in Singapore, I wouldn’t be surprised if natural skincare/makeup lovers grab these up during a sale 🙂

Rating out of 10
Price: 7 (fair for Singapore)
Quality: 7.5 (some might find it slightly too waxy)
Packaging: 9 (stylish, classy silver recycled aluminium casing and slimlines make colour applications so easy)
Ease of usage: 9 (sheer and glides on smoothly so it’s hard to have clown lips with this :)
Overall score: 8.1
Would I repurchase this? I’d love to try out the other colours, especially Watermelon and maybe Lychee 🙂 But I’d wait for a sale as there are better Indie alternatives around (or on Etsy). Though Delipscious’ classy stylish sleek packaging is hard to beat.
~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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