Like purchasing off Etsy? Check out Heartsy for discounted vouchers and deals

With the advent of bulk purchase discount sites like Groupon, Singapore Streetdeals etc., is it no wonder that even Etsy has a similar counterpart to promote various discounts and deals for its sellers?

Here’s introducing Heartsy (referral link). I just made my first purchase from Heartsy from a fellow forum user’s referral link, which gained us both USD$5 in credit. If you sign up via my referral link, both of us get USD$5 in credit to offset against your purchase too!

The deal that hooked me was – $12 for $28 of credit at Simple Traditions Bath and Body, which sells lovely fragranced whipped soaps, sugar scrubs, solid perfume lotions, solid lotions, lipbalms and hot & cold processed soaps. If you sign up as a VIP with Heartsy (which is $7.99 per month and you can cancel anytime), you get an extra $10 in credit for your Simple Traditions voucher purchase – which means $12 gets you $38 in credit (can be used for shipping too!). However, with the $5 from the referral link, I only paid $7 for $38 worth of items 😀 How’s that for a GREAT DEAL INDEED?
(with a free lipbalm for purchases of $10 and above)

I’ve convo-ed the seller for a custom listing, as her items are selling faster than you can say Etsy-em-up! Will update again when the sale’s done and the purchases come.

Till then,

XOXOXO lipglossfiend

About lipglossfiend

Lipgloss, Makeup galore and other yummy goodies by the score :)
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