Meet Stray Furbie 1 – Grey the Cute :)

Other than dabbling with makeup, hitting the gym and reading, I also spend a substantial amount of time entertaining and being entertained by the stray cats in our area.

Through feeding and caring for them, I have also gotten to know several more of my neighbours around here that share the same love for them 🙂 One of the strangest quirks we have in Singapore would be that cats are legally not allowed in public housing apartments. Don’t ask me why.

Since they’re just too fun and lovely not to be shared, here’s presenting the first of the series and my favourite (though I try hard not to play favourites):

Grey the Cute


Grey at her favourite area looking back at Rick


 That’s Grey. No prizes for guessing why she’s called Grey.

She was apparently found at the nearest MRT station about 3 – 4 years ago, along with 2 newborn kittens of hers. Sadly, the 2 kittens didn’t make it and Grey was brought to be sterilised soon after, thus the slight nip at her ear. Her estimated age is about 5 years old.

Regal side profile

She’s a little queen, a small-medium sized cat and only gets along well with the other tom cats in the hood. Being a feather weight, she enjoys being cradled in the arms like a baby and taken for a short stroll that way. With her 2 front paws perched on your arm, she likes to look around her when carried at a height.

We love to collar her in pink. A – to keep the pet authorities from taking her away to be put down if they ever do come around (yes, there are evil people here that write in to the Town Council to complain about cats). B – she’s gorgeous in pink, don’t you think?

Grey & Tiger

According to Google, she’s probably a Korat cat with her small-medium build, grey fur tipped with white, green eyes and heart-shaped face. Korat cats originated from Thailand.

She gets along very well with humans and children. In fact, she positively preens in front of them, getting their attention all the time. Nevertheless, she likes to play coy with those that don’t know her well enough (or bring her food).

Grey with Rickshaw Rick

Grey is not particularly vocal, though she’ll mew her greeting when she sees you. Or mew insistently when she’s really, REALLY hungry. She loves both wet and dry kibbles (except shrimps/prawns) and will happily follow you around even when she’s full. When you see her lying on her side on the ground, that means it’s time for a belly rub!

She’s quite the spitfire too with the tomcats and will not let herself get pushed around. It’s fun to watch her smack Tiger when he’s making a pest of himself.

Playful Grey with watchful Rickshaw Rick behind her

Grey is quite the playful and adventuresome spirit. She LOVES games. I have seen her catch sparrows not for food, but to play around with. She’ll toss them in the air and pretend they’re alive and try to re-capture them again, re-tossing them over and over. Ok, it can get quite gruesome. I’m not quite sure what she does with the carcass and if they end up as sparrow sashimi indeed.

She also loves to play with this tinsel on a stick passed to me by my neighbour who has cats. I get worn out from the game before she tires of it, if ever!

She has also been known to sample French fries and new kibbles 🙂 No, we do feed her cat food 99.9999% of the time. Really.

Photogenic cat

Not just a pretty face, she is a natural talent in front of the camera, a very photogenic cat in the most graceful and cutest of poses.

~*All photos above taken by me. Please do not reproduce/copy/steal in ANY FORM*~


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