Petite Threla Product Review: Lip Balm & Lip Glacé (SPF)

Ever since I made my first purchase off Etsy with Epically Epic Soap Co…. I’ve been surfing Etsy a lot. The plethora of handmade goodies just fascinates me! From jewellery, skincare to makeup, brush holders, cute hair accessories…the list goes on and on.

I happened to type in “Lychee” as a search term and up came Petite Threla’s offerings.

Petite Threla is based in Massachussetts and actually has a store there too, as well as their own website

Taken off Etsy:
Petite Threla is about good, clean, fun!
Good: good ingredients and good science in products made from scratch.
Clean: it’s in our name: Threla is an anagram for “lather” as soap was our first product.
Fun: interesting scents scoured from around the world, luxurious textures, and simple & fun packaging

Staying true to the name of this blog… my first purchase from Petite Threla consisted of… just…

Lipbalms & Lip Glaces 😛

What Petite Threla says about their lip glaces:
“Our lip glacés combine the emollient, protective properties of our lip balms with a tad of shimmer and a softer texture. Their raison d’être is to add a pretty glaze (hence “Lip Glacé”) while protecting and conditioning your lips.”

Other than lip products, Petite Threla also has soaps, soy candles, facial care items like hydrating mists, facial scrubs, aluminium-free deodorant, body buffers & lotions etc.

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

12 lipbalms & lip glaces - a different one for every month of the year 😛

Whilst reading through the store listings, I decided to convo with TH of Petite Threla on their d/c SPF lip balms & glaces, since living in Singapore, I hate going without SPF on my lips when the rest of my face, neck and body is slathered in that stuff. I love (and used to love) to tan but not to pay the price of prematured ageing, wrinkles, sun spots and what-nots.

All I could say was WOW. The clearance price was such a steal, I had to grab 11 various flavours and colours. TH was kind enough to throw in an extra Kiwi SPF 15 lip balm as a freebie 🙂

Turnaround time was 2 working days. Shipping was very fast (about a week), packed in a postpac with the lipstuff wrapped in plastic and a handwritten note.

Exact postage charged! I LOVE IT!

I was quoted US$5.77 in my convo with TH and that was THE EXACT POSTAGE charged! No handling fee. Wow was I surprised. In a very good way 😀 I really appreciate that. Being an international buyer from US Ebay and other Ebay sites, I often get slapped with handling charges, which are understandable to cover packaging, cost of transport, etc. This makes for a lovely change and I’m sending plenty of good karma Petite Threla’s way 😉

SPF 15 Lipbalms

These are the SPF 15 Lipbalms. I think Petite Threla’s in the process of doing away with shrinkwrapping the individual tubes (less carbon print) and changing them to a green tear off sticker seal at the back (check the next photo) so I got a variety of them.

comprehensive information

I particularly like how professional the labels look. They are also waterand almost rub-proof labels, which always gets extra points from me. Ingredients are listed at the back along with the net weight 0.15 oz and URL of the Threla site.

Lip Glaces

The lightly tinted lip glaces come in oval tubes, different from the round tubes of the lipbalms. Earl Grey is the only non-SPF lip glace that I paid full price for at a very reasonable US$4, although discounts are given if you get sets of 4. I just had to get Earl Grey as Earl Grey Milk Tea with White Pearl Jelly is one of my favourite drinks du jour. But I digress. Come to think of it… if that scent could be cloned, I’d be walking and bathing in it all the time 😀


The SPF comes from avobenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, which is a stable formulation. Avonbenzone when combined with octinoxate needs octocrylene or other UV filters to stabilise the formulation, so theoretically, this works.  According to the Threla site, the SPF lip balm base was tested by an independent lab, but according to FDA rules, apparently that’s not enough as every single flavour has to be tested so before they’re allowed to be marketed as SPF products. Which would be very costly for most small outfits.

Lychee, Watermelon & Earl Grey

I decided to test out the 3 different formulas – Lychee SPF 15 Lipbalm, Watermelon SPF 15 Lip Glace and Earl Grey Lip Glace (without SPF).

To me, these 3 have about the same consistency, texture and low gloss finish, with the lip glaces just slightly softer and creamier in application. Bear in mind that I’m in Singapore and these are somewhat on the hard side, which is a good thing, as most natural lipstuff go gooey and mushy in our 365 days of heat and 90+% humidity. I like to think of them as heat-resistant. Even so, all 3 glided on very well and smoothly on my lips, with a slight waxy feel rather than oily. While these are not as emollient nor buttery as, say, pistachio butter lip balms, these do the job of sealing in moisture. In fact, if you like to have a lipbalm under your lipstick, these would be a better choice as they’re not as waxy/shiny/glossy and your lipstick wouldn’t run all over the place or have problems staying put. Similarly, if you use lip stains, you might prefer layering one of these balms or glaces over the lip stain as, glossier balms/glosses usually have higher oil contents, which shortens the longevity of the lip stain on your lips.

I have a Banana Boat SPF 30 lipbalm that is even harder than these and applies with less slip. So these are definitely better than Banana Boat and would probably see me through a swim session in the pool.

Petite Threla Swatch

Scent wise, Lychee smells like the lychee packet drinks we have here, not quite like the fruit but more of a candied scent, as correctly described in Petite Threla’s description. Watermelon smells closer to the fruit. Earl Grey smells the mildest out of the 3 and is slightly on the floral side to me. They’re rather subtly scented and won’t launch an olfactory assault on you. When applied on my lips, I don’t smell them at all.

On colour – these were swatched heavily on the back of my hand. However, only Watermelon made a more pigmented impact 😛 Earl Grey is described as a rosy pink with gold shimmer but only the very fine gold shimmer shows on my lips. If you look hard enough. Although it’d probably be a light rosy pink on paler lips than mine. Watermelon, on the other hand, gave my lips a natural looking flush of warm red. Lychee, being the lipbalm version, does not have colour. But I thought I’d swatch it along to show how low-sheen and guy friendly it’d be.

Watermelon Lip Glace – a lovely natural looking flush of red on my lips

I can see myself using the Watermelon SPF 15 Lip Glace. A lot 😀

Earl Grey Lip Glace: Click on the photo to enlarge it to see the shimmers – They’re really fine

This is my actual lip colour at night, which is slightly paler than daytime owing to the lower temperature. The rosy pink from the Earl Grey Lip Glace doesn’t show up, but the very fine golden shimmer does. It’s very subtle and doesn’t feel flakey at all.

Rating out of 10 – SPF 15 Lipbalm
Price: 10 (this is a clearance price and can’t be beat)
Quality: 8 (I’d recommend this for warmer weather usage owing to its firmness. I’d like a stronger scent, personally, but guys might not fancy that)
Packaging: 9 (these are standard round tubes and I’ve tried twisting them out about 1 cm and retracting it back and so far the tube works fine. Unlike many other round tubes.)
Ease of usage: 10
Overall score: 9.3
Rating out of 10 – SPF 15 Lip Glace & Non-SPF Lip Glace
Price: 9.5 (US$4 is about standard or slightly cheaper on Etsy/ among other Indie companies )
Quality: 7.5 (I’d like a bit more colour payoff, personally. As well as more oomph to the scent)
Packaging: 9.5 (this is my first encounter with oval tubes and I LOVE IT. They’re translucent which I like as I can gauge when the end is near and I love how classy they look. I’ve also tried twisting and retracting and these tubes do work)
Ease of usage: 10 (sheer colour so easy to apply)
Overall score: 9.1
Would I repurchase them? Certainly. I’m already planning to give away several to my guy pals (who slather sunscreen all over themselves but nothing on the lips when hitting the pool/beach. Why???!!). I really like the SPF ones as that’s an edge over the other Indie makeup companies imho.
~*All items reviewed purchased by me*~

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