Silk Naturals Mango Buttercream Lipgloss

Time for another lipgloss swatch, to stay true to this blog’s name 🙂

Here’s Mango Buttercream from Silk Naturals which makes for a lovely summer colour. It’s a very wearable orange and a general crowd pleaser. Though I have to be honest and say I was looking for something… even bolder orange.

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mmmm anyone craving for mangoes?

Mango buttercream retails at USD$4.75 and can be purchased at

Silk Naturals says:

Mango is bright orange with shimmer.  No coral here!  Just straight up shiny warm orange- the color of a fresh mango.  Wearable at full tilt if you’re brave, or blot it down and layer it with Ginny liquid gloss.

Ingredients:  Castor oil*,  oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglycerides*, jojoba oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, avocado oil, candelilla wax*, beeswax*, cranberry seed oil, carnuaba wax*,  natural vanilla flavor.  also contains:  Mica, Iron Oxides, titanium dioxide, tin oxide

*= certified organic

Butter Creams are over 85% organic with long lasting colors and a hint of shine.   They are packaged in .07 oz slim tubes.

 Formula: Butter Cream

  • Lip Color Family: Peaches and Corals
  • Tone: Warm
  • Finish: Shimmer
  • Shimmer Scale: 3 (0=Matte 5=Glitter)
  • Vegan: No
  • Depth: 3 (1=white, 6=black)
  • Opacity: 2 (0=Sheer 5=Opaque)
  • Gluten Free: Yes
  • Dye Free: Yes

    Top is with 1 - 2 coats and the bottom with 3 - 5

 I don’t really consider my lips that pigmented, although they are not pale/white by any means. The top swatch has just 1 – 2 light coats and the bottom 3 – 5. It’s not quite a pigmented buttercream/lipgloss. While the texture is heavenly, the colour shows up a tad too bronze for my liking, given my underlying lip colour. Though I suppose if your lips are paler, Mango would be a much more vibrant orange on you. I’ve also passed this to my friend since it’s not quite a colour I personally fancy, sadly.

Rating out of 10
Price: 8.5
Quality: 9 (Silk Naturals’ lippies are HARD TO BEAT on price AND quality)
Packaging: 7.5 (standard black slimline. I actually prefer translucent tubes to gauge how much is left. also, with these slimline tubes, you can’t extend the lippie too much as they won’t retract back, so points off for that)
Ease of usage: 9 (pretty idiotproof and slimlines are good for precise application)
Overall score: 8.5
*Item reviewed purchased by me*

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