Cherryculture Haul: Nyx Single Eyeshadow and Milani Baked Blusher

When you’re in Singapore and lemming after Milani and NYX, the usual 2 American e-stores to get your fix from would be:

Taking advantage of a store-wide 20% off about a month or so back, these were the NYX eyeshadows and new Milani baked blushers I managed to whittle down my wishlist to … (please ignore the ZA lipstick which I picked up at an atrium sale the same day the Cherryculture goodies arrived.)

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Nudes, peaches, pinks 🙂

The NYX single eyeshadows are currently at US$3.99 on Cherryculture, marked down from US$5.50

Milani baked blushers go for US$7.99

in Nude & Pure Skin

I was looking for MLBB (My Lid But Better ;)) shades, to let my eyes look naturally refreshed and these are just about it.

Buttery soft pressed powder texture

According to NYX, Nude is described as a Matte/Sheer whereas Pure Skin is a Matte/Shimmer. You can indeed see the very fine shimmer bits in Pure Skin.

NYX Single Eyeshadow Ingredients (from Cherry Culture):
Magnesium Stearate, Talc, Mica, Black Iron Oxide, 2-Ethyl Hexa Palmitate, Silicon Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Pearl, Polysynlane, Propyl Paraber, Butylated Hydroxy Anisole Due to current trends and improved formulas and ingredients in products, colors for NYX Single Eyeshadow may be periodically updated. 

Swatches done by me

 The primer used was probably from Silk Naturals. You can see that even for these neutrals, the colours are more vivid and pigmented over a primer. That’s also the way I use them on my lids all the way to the brow bone.


Slanting my hand to bring out the teeniest difference in shade.

Pure Skin on the right is indeed more “opalescent” than Nude. Both colours are what I’d purchase again when I run out of skintone shades 🙂

The Perfect Summer Blusher here?

I had some free time when I took these photos so I thought I’d throw in whatever was lying on my dresser table – the MAC Stereo Rose & Lucy Minerals Matte Apricot blush sample. Another Milani blusher I had before the baked blushers were released was Sunset Beach, which was a disappointing shade and texture for me. I might review that another time if I can get it back from my mum 🙂 But these Milani baked babies are in ANOTHER LEAGUE altogether.

Meet Luminoso & Corallina

Both Luminoso and Corallina are graded as “Shimmer” blushers on Milani’s website with an (S) next to their names when you roll your mouse pointer over the them. However, ladies who abhor shimmer blushers shouldn’t stay away, as the shimmer is easily buffed away once applied on the cheeks. While it still isn’t a matte application, I’d call it a slightly dewy and luminous look.


Luminoso according to what I have and see, is a nice light peach that doesn’t pull orange nor brown. The veining isn’t much and certainly looks promising for ladies seeking that healthy flush. These babies are really pigmented and I recommend a light hand or a fibre optic brush.

Meet Corallina

Corallina is a pinky peach that’s also bound for stardom as a crowd pleaser 🙂 Corallina is slightly more pigmented than Luminoso and a lighter hand should be used. Seriously, with the large amount of blusher at this price and the teeniest amount used, these will literally last you years.

Pretty blushers in a row

To me, Luminoso is like a peachier cousin of MAC’s Stereo Rose without the sheen and brown. Corallina pulls more pink than peach. Lucy Minerals’ Matte Apricot has a definite brown tinge to it and is easily the MOST PIGMENTED of the bunch here.

Another swatch pic

With and without flash, both swatch photos look pretty true colour-wise. You can hardly see any glitter/shimmer in Luminoso and Corallina. Does that convince you matte lovers yet? The texture is soft but neither powdery nor chalky. An impressive formulation for a drugstore label. Count me impressed much 🙂

NYX Single Eyeshadows in Pure Skin & Nude
Rating out of 10
Price: 10
Quality: 8 (it’s buttery soft so don’t press too hard with your brush or else you’d get powdery bits flying about)
Packaging: 7 (standard black plastic, nothing to rave nor dislike, except don’t go dropping this too much)
Ease of usage: 8 (primer recommended for longer staying power and slightly more pigmentation)
Overall score: 8.3
Milani Baked Blushers in Luminoso and Corallina
Rating out of 10
Price: 8
Quality: 9
Packaging: 6 (standard Milani plastic packaging with the mirror at the bottom compartment along with a scratchy useless brush which I threw away.)
Ease of usage: 8 (Just a single light swipe or use a fibre optic. Trust me.)
Overall score: 7.8
All 4 are items I’d repurchase if/when I use them up and they’ve not been discontinued. 🙂
*Items reviewed purchased by me*

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