An Epic Discovery? Epically Epic Soap Company (etsy)

Let’s celebrate a new blog with a new company that I tried out last month 🙂

Presenting…from etsyEpically Epic Soap Company (

 I purchased the sampler set of 5 solid lotions (0.25 oz each) – US$12, 6 lipbalms at US$3.50 each and received a free perfume vial. International Shipping was reasonable though I can’t quite remember how much.

Allison is an artist and she makes, by hand, solid lotions, very lovely and beautiful soaps, perfume roll-ons, lip tints and lip balms. Do check it out, the soap designs will blow your mind away. Prices are reasonable though not the cheapest on etsy. But the quality of the packaging, presentation and ingredients are great. Turnaround time was quick (2 – 3 days) and shipping time was the standard 1 – 1.5 weeks from the US to Singapore by 1st class USPS international airmail.

Initial impressions:

How it came. Pretty well packaged. I forgot to leave a note to omit the paper boxes for the lipbalms, since they’re not intended as gifts (I’m selfish, no sharing of lip products & decadent chocolate desserts!!!)

Yummy Lipbams!

 Cute Zebra Print paper – I appreciate how lovely everything looks, but abhor the waste and mostly non-recyclable, non-essential packaging. But good as a gift if it’s intended to be.

0.25 oz

 Cute 0.25 oz recyclable aluminium tins that came very well wrapped.

Assorted colours depending on scent chosen.

I love the blues and whites 🙂

I like how even the ingredient list is found on the back of the small tins

(I’ve already used up Lily of the Valley by the time I started this blog :P)


Lipbalms – packaged well, lightly scented, the strongest is probably Turkish Coffee & Anjou Pear w/ shimmer. Passionfruit Rose smells slightly sweet, candy-like… not much of a rose scent in it (which is good since I do NOT like rose)… on the young side but not too bubble-gummy – I’ve started using this and will update in the next post. Turkish Coffee has that bitter coffee scent. Anjou pear is like sweet pear, on the candy side of things too. Red Velvet Cake smells yummy and very edible with a slight chocolate? scent. Idk, we don’t have Red Velvet Cake here in Singapore but I’d like to try some based on this lipbalm. Both Wassail and Mimosa are on the lighter side, can’t really smell much. Wassail’s prolly slightly stronger than Mimosa.

Free sample – Fleur de Bleu perfume oil vial. I quite enjoy this. On the floral side (fleur! duh!) but not that cloyingly sweet. It’s very strong for the first 15 minutes or so on my wrist, before muting down a LOT. If there are sample sizes I might pick up a few different scents just to test them out, but I suspect I’m a synthetic fragrance kinda girl and will stick to my EDPs for maximum scent, more complexity & better lasting power.

Solid Lotion sample tins – Small but cute and several are coloured. I’ve already finished Lily of the Valley (light scent that’s pleasant and probably a crowd pleaser). Lychee (tart and sweet), Carribean Sea (think of FA shower gels & guy-friendly) and Nag Champa (pleasant surprise) are stronger, have my stamp of approval and likely to repurchase full sizes of. I’m also started using Midnight (which is Jasmine + Sandalwood). If you don’t like the smell of Chinese incense, please avoid. This is right smack on and to be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed, as I find it too weird. I love Jasmine. Sandalwood too and imo, Sandalwood is a very hard scent to work into fragrances as it can make or be a killjoy. Like this. I’m using it mostly on the rough ankles that I have.

Watch out for the next post where I’d be reviewing Passionfruit Lip Balm/tint & how the solid lotions feel.


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