EOTD: Milani Backstage Basics Smokey Eye

This was a look I did for a party a few weeks back. I usually favour neutrals (how boring) or just a bit of bright colour on my lower lid and something muted throughout. I’m not a fan of the dark colour in  “crease” as with Asian eyes, it’s hard to get that to show, unless you go about with eyes closed. When you’re blessed with small slit eyes like me, dark colours can overwhelm them.

Here’s the smokey eye look I did (taken with my Blackberry phone camera + flash = not the best of pictures, but you get the idea).

(all photos can be viewed in their original sizes by clicking on them)

Almost black & silver themed, to match my jumpsuit 🙂

 I do have double eyelids, but they’re very close, such that when I draw a thicker line like above, they seem to disappear. To achieve a more dramatic look, I lenghtened the eyes with eyeliner, broadened the width with the grey-silver extended outwards and upwards at the outer corners and tried to widen my eyes by rimming them in silver at the lower lashline and the inner corners of the eyes.

Tools of the trade


Top to bottom:

    • Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows palette in Backstage Basics
    • SILKYGIRL (Asian label) Funky Eyelights Pencil in 08 Frosty Silver
    • Bourjois Waterproof Contour Clubbing Eyeliner in 41 black party
    • Indelible liquid eyeliner in Saddle Up

*not featured: Majolica Majorca mascara (waterproof)

Milani eyeshadow palette that can be used wet/dry

I used the eyeshadow over primers (not featured as I forgot which) instead of wet, as it’s easier to blend and I wasn’t going for too intense a look. Although there are 6 colours in the palette, there’s de facto just 3 (refer to swatch below).

See what I mean? There's really just 3 colour variations

Swatched on bare skin (bottom 3 are the eyeliners to be covered in detail below). A primer is essential for the eyeshadows as they get rubbed off very easily. They are slightly shimmery with fine and non-pokey glitter.

Awesome liners with GREAT STAYING POWER

All drawn with a single stroke on bare skin. See how pigmented they are? I used the Indelible to get as close to my lash roots as possible, SILKYGIRL in silver to thicken the eye contour and Bourjois to go over the Silkygirl, just above the Indelible, at the outer 2/3 – 1/3 of the upper and lower lasheye.


The rub test - all the eyeshadow swatches disappeared, but the liners stayed put


The rub test result: Milani eyeshadows have no staying power and disappeared, leaving a faint trace of fine shimmery glitter. The liners survived, with the Indelible aptly named, with just slight fade for the Bourjois and SILKYGIRL.

In case you’re wondering why my lashes were not curled more or made to look more obvious, I like my lashes the way they are, with the ones at the outer corners curled up naturally. Although a lash curler would give better results, I just can’t be fussed. I’m also not a fan of falsies as I have slightly watery eyes and don’t fancy the idea of using glue so close to my lashline and possibly running into my eyes (I know most don’t get that, but it’s just my fanciful thinking and they’re my eyes, so my call :P).


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